For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 31

we dont have very much time because things are closed for the holidays so we all need to share but yesterday such a miracle was given to us we have been praying to find new families and new investigators because we have just dropped a lot of them that have not been progressing and we have found so many people! every single day we find at least three new investigators everyday we arent really sure what to do with all of them!  but anyways yesterday was so amazing!!!! there was a car a couple days ago who were just rolling down their window and talking to us because we are missionaries and we asked them if they knew where any hispanics are and they told us a few apartment numbers so we knocked all of them and none of them answered (thank goodness so that we could get to the last one) and the last door we knocked was the cutest most amazing family from puerto rico. the mom is so amazing and she is a professor at utah state. oh my goodness as soon as we met them we knew that they were super prepared to hear the gospel. the mom is super educated and so nice and she has such a strong testimony of christ and god already! she is amazing! then she told us about the vision she had when she was in puerto rico which is the reason that they moved here. she had a vision and there were the letters of utah in big letters spelling it out and they were shining so brightly white then she heard a voice that told her to ask her husband if they should move here and when she asked him he felt a burning in his heart of happiness. the spirit was super strong. we told them that we knew that god has sent them hear to utah to hear and find the truth. to find his one true church and we taught them about the restoration. when we invited them to be baptized they said that they already were but we told them that it was not valid because they did not have the authority or the priesthood it was so incredible! and it was so amazing oh my goodness we were so happy after this beaming of joy. heavenly has blessed us so much. his children are ready to hear the gospel! and the baptism of miguel was so great he is such a good spirit. after the baptism he kept saying how good he felt over and over again! everything is so happy! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know this is the kingdom of God and earth and that it is the only true church which the fullness of the gospel. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 30

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!! I am so happy!!! I have never had so much fun! I love being with Hermana Tolman! we are already best friends! and we are still riding our bikes around and talking to every person we ever see even the ones that we think are hispanic who really arent but then they can lead us to where they really are! Miguel is finally being baptized on saturday! and he is so happy! He is so incredible! The first time that he walked into an lds church building he started crying because he could feel the spirit! and he memorizes everything that the missionaries give him to read! He wanted to be baptized a while ago but him and his girlfriend were not married and now they are so that he can be baptized! it is so amazing! It is so fun to be a missionary at christmas! everyone gives us stuff and then we give it away to everyone else and they are so happy! people give things to the missionaries but we dont need anything but all of our investigators do! so it is great! there have been SO many miracles this week! it is so great to have a fresh start! everything has been so funny lately but amazing! a couple days ago we had a lesson with a man who could see or hear very well and hermana tolman asked him to say the prayer and then we all sat with our arms folded and eyes closed for a minute straight then hermana tolman said the prayer. i had to try so hard not to laugh. and we have found so many new people to teach! we made a goal to talk to every hispanic we see anywhere no matter what the circumstance or how far away or awkward it may be and we have met so many people because we are actually doing it! I am so grateful for this time we have to celebrate our saviors birth! everyone is more nice and more open to hearing the gospel it is so wonderful! i think i have never been happier than when our branch went caroling together a few nights ago! nothing else feels that good! the whole branch running in the snow to the next house with cookies and a keyboard and jingle bells and everyone is so happy and cold and throwing snow and laughing and the people we visit are so happy to have the spirit brought to them and they feel so special it is so fun! i love everything! feliz navidad!!!!!!!!!!
hermana egan

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 29

Winter in Logan

We went to the temple with our recents converts, our ward mission leader, and some members from the branch!!!!!!!!! it was an amazing experience! words cannot even describe!!! everyone was crying even our ward mission leader and the spirit was so strong! i could feel the joy of the people who were having their work done and it was so amazing!!!!!!! AND I AM STAYING HERE IN BUENA VISTA SOUTH!!!!! I am so happy! the branch has two sets of missionaries and i am still staying here in our area but hermana gaines will be going up to the north part of the branch which is so amazing that we are all still in the branch!!! I will be with hermana tolman who used to be up north with hermana gaines' new companion hermana allen so everyone was really shocked that we just did that switch cause that rarely ever happens! but we are all so happy! i love hermana tolman so much and we will still see hermana gaines a few times every week!!!!!!!! so great!!!!!! this week so much has happened!!!!!!!!!!! miracles miracles miracles!!!!!!!!!!! so one of them was one night we were walking around after a lesson fell through and we felt we should knock on a door we knock and white people answer so we thought this was a joke then it is a super drunk white guy holding a beer can but hermana gaines decides to ask him if he knows where the hispanics live around here and he is not very responsive but another white lady form around the corner sticks her head out and says quickly and quietly that there is a hispanic family across the street on the corner house. so we go as strange as it was we knew we were being guided by Heavenly Father. We knock the door and she is on the phone and tells us to come back tomorrow. we came back the next day and taught the most amazing lesson ever!!!!!!! we taught with the spirit and she felt the holy ghost! she was smiling the whole time and nodding it was amazing you can see the light of christ in her eyes! we taught with power and authority and she wants to learn more and says that she wants to be baptized after she learns more it was so amazing!!!!!! the daughter was in the other room listening and we invited her to come but she just wanted to listen but we are excited to teach their whole family!!!!!!! I love to be a missionary. I know that miracles happen! Heavenly Father is the reason why we can do everything in missionary work! This week we have had many incredible experiences where the holy ghost has guided us and even made known unto us the thoughts and concerns of the people we were teaching. so many powerful experiences. and i feel a fire burning in my heart! I love to be a missionary! I know our message is true and that is why we are able to share it! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost!
Con Carino, Hermana Egan

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 28

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!!!!!! the members in this branch are my family and i love them all so much! they are all so eager and willing to help it is amazing! and we have the most amazing ward mission leader ever! we talk to him every day and when we bike to our investigators house he is already there visiting them!!! it is incredible! i love the members of the branch they are all so sweet and generous! i have been here so long and i am so nervous i may leave this next week for transfers but i will go where the lord wants me but i will probably still cry. OH! and one of our recent converts is preparing to serve a mission!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so happy then when she told us! We are going to bring her over a preach my gospel and go through everything with her! I am so excited! she is a senior in college and she is also thinking about colleges but she doesnt know how to do any of it and so we are going to help her so much and do everything with her! I am so excited her family is my family in logan i love them so much! We also went carolling with our branch on a saturday night and some our the recent converts were there and members and we all went out in the freezing cold and carolled to all the less actives!!!!!! it was one of the best nights of my entire mission almost number one but competing with a few others! the unity of the branch was so amazing and everyone was so happy even though we were all freezing it didn't matter we even had a keyboard that we carried around to each house and hermana tolman played the piano while we all sang and rang bells it was so fun to see the members carrying the piano and stand and the cookies we gave to everyone it was amazing and to see how happy the people were was so great we invited them all to church and i feel so happy! I know that the church of Christ has been restored! HOW INCREDIBLE! I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us and he is with us every day of our lives! AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! for this time of happiness and spirit we have to celebrate our savior's birth!!!!!!! 
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 27

Ready to bike at night

ME ENCANTA SER UNA MISIONERA. Estoy muy agradecido por la opportunidad que tengo para servir mi Dios y para ser un representante de el Salvador JesuCristo. Lo Siente Bien. Y ESTOY FELIZ. ME ENCANTA ESTA MISION Y ESTA MARAVILLOSA LUGAR QUE ESTA LLENA DE ASOMBROSAS PERSONAS. estoy agradecido por perdon y por la misericordia y gracia de Dios. Estoy agradecido para la santa cena y la oportunidad que tenemos para tomarlo cada semana. Se que el sacerdocio ha restaurado y es el poder de dios para efectuar el baptismos y ordananzas. se que es real y lo que es lo mismo poder que cristo tuvo cuando el vino a la tierra. Se que Dios tiene un plan para nosotros y que las personas que rodean es para un razon y por su designio. ME ENCANTA EL EVANGELIO DE JESUCRISTO- LA IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ULTIMOS DIAS. 
paz, fe, gozo,
hermana egan