For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 35

this week i learned to always do our part in the work and if something doesn't work out dont be sad because it is not suppose to. this week we have been focusing on getting members to lessons we set a goal to have 20 of our lessons this week with members present (this was a super high goal for our mission but we made it and got exactly 20 we were so happy!) but anyways the point is everyday we are calling lots of the members to find who can come! we were trying to get a member to come to a lesson we had with miguel and we tried 3 or 4 different members and no one could do it we were really frustrated until we ran out of time and had to go so we couldnt get a member the lesson was our first one after dinner. right after we went into dinner they called and cancelled. then it made sense why we couldnt get a member. so that made sense to me and that was enough and then it was even a greater plan or blessing then i could see. our dinner was with blanca and lorena our recent converts and my favorite family ever! towards the end of the dinner lorenas non member friend comes over. because miguel cancelled we could have a lesson with her right then and if we got a member and miguel cancelled we would have toward the member the address of our back up and we would have had to rush to bike to meet them right after and couldnt had had the lesson. it was such a miracle to me! the lesson was so amazing! she was super receptive and prepared to hear the gospel and she felt the spirirt the next day was la noche de talentos en la rama and we invited her to come to the activity and not only did she come but she danced and performed in the show with lorena y blanca! we have had three lessons with her since and she is so amazing we are so excited to teach her and she already has the best fellowships ever! I know that heavenly father always has a plan for us. We cannot understand but if we trust with faith we can accomplish his purposes. I love the gospel! and i love the scriptures they change me every time i read them and it is a blessing to recognize my sins and know the next thing i must work on to overcome! la noche de talentos was so much fun! i cannot describe the heart spirirt and devotion of this branch. the members magnify their calling. they are all willing to help. and the devotion and generosity is unbelievable. it was a talent show we had but it was also for la obra misional and every one brought non members friends it was so well organized they had tons of movies and pamplets and book of mormons and in between every talents they talked about the gospel and talents and the different organizations of the church and it was so perfect fun and spiritually uplifting this branch knows how to have activites and how to work i love them so much! then after the activity i told hermana morales and hermano morales that it was perfect and incredible. and only said there is always something that we can improve we try to make one thing better each time so we can always progress and they told me the things that they are going to change for next time. they are such an example to me! i love them! on sunday during the sacrament meeting i could not stop smiling because i felt so much joy and peace the spirit so strong and so much gratitude to be serving right here. I know that this is Jesus Christ's church on the earth. and I am so grateful to be his servant at this time!
Que tengan un buenisima semana y predicad el evangelio!
Hermana Egan

Mas fotos de la noche de talentos

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 34

For the first time yet we taught la trinidad (the godhead) in a public bathroom stall. teaching everywhere we go! (the lady cleaning in there was hispanic) okay members, you are amazing! help the missionaries! and go teach with them because they need you! we have been teaching a family of non members but they have family who is members who live up stairs who are inactive. when we are downstairs teaching the member upstairs always comes downstairs and we try to talk to him but he usually makes up an excuse and runs out the door. we have tried knocking upstairs a couple times but there was no answer. one time we go with hermano morales and after the downsatirs visit he says lets try upstairs too. as soon as hermano morales start starting to them they say pasenle, pasenle! (come in) of course. and we had a super spirirtual amazing lesson and they both commit to come to church on sunday! sure enough on sunday there they were! there are people you teach for many weeks and say each time they will come and never do. for this family it only took one lesson with a member they were so ready to come back they were just waiting for someone to ask them! it was so incredible since then we have had a family home evening with them and another family and they are super ready to learn lots more and be super involved! i love them so much they are so fun! i love being a missionary! so many funny things happen everyday but so many miracles at the same time! I testify that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and that he died for you personally. That if you were the only person on this earth he would have come and the pain he felt was because of your sins and because he loved you. If Christ had not come to save us, we could never be forgiven of our sins or live with god again and he would never even live again after we died. The power of the atonement of Jesus Christ is real it is something that you can feel and receive every day of your life. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a representative of Him. 
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 33

this is the posters we made for hermano morales the best ward mission leader ever!!!!!!! i love this branch with everything i am!!!! i never want to leave!!!!!! we know every single member and every thing about them and i love them each so much!!!!!!!!!! the members are incredible they trust us and love us and our eager to work with us! they will all help out in any way that they possibly can and it is so humbling because they are all in need themselves but they will give anything that they do have. the branch is on fire!!!! we saw numbers on sunday for this last week and the numbers are better than they ever have been and everyone i so excited!!!!!!! once you get something going it just keeps going and the spirit spreads to everyone!!!!! 
we had a lesson with flori and stephanie and as soon as we sat down they told us that they dont want to get married anymore and if they do they want to wait a couple years. :o we said okay lets start with a prayer and we will talk about it. by the end of the lesson flori had already left to go get the marriage papers!!!!! we left even before we could leave! this was such a great experience for us to teach us the power of the word of god and the spirit of the lord. There is no way that two girls 19 and 20 could convince all of these people to get married and be baptized and change all these things about their life. It is the power of the spirit and the power of the truth and only that. It is so amazing! It is really easy to doubt ourselves and to feel that we cannot do it sometimes but if we have the faith the holy spirit can soften any heart! it is so incredible!
right now i am reading Jesus The Christ. I am only about a fourth of the way done and it is already sooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so much and every one who hasnt yet must read it!!!!!! in one of the chapters that i have read this week it was talking about when christ scattered the merchants out of the temple and how they all left but why did they leave and none of them asked by what authority jesus had to do it. it says because sin is weakness. this is the truth. righteousness will always have power over sin. sin is weakness and when we sin we know that we are wrong. when we are obedient to gods commandments we are strong and we are confident. nothing can take us down when we are with god and well with him. I love the commandments of God. I cannot imagine if we did not have them we would be so lost. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church of Jesus Christ on the earth today and the only one. The church has been restored exactly as it was when Christ organized it himself. I am so grateful to be a member of His church and to have this opportunity to represent my Savior and preach the gospel!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hermana Egan 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 32

My new companion - Hermana Tolman

WE ARE HAVING A BODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(wedding) ohhhh i have never been so happy after a lesson we felt like we were floating around on our bikes so happily! one of the less actives we visit, and one of our best friends, who really isnt all that less active anymore, really pretty much active! :D, had her baby at 3 in the morning on new years day!!!!!!!!!! it was the first born baby in all of cache valley for 2014 so they won a bunch of diapers or something i think! Her boyfriend is a non member and we had had one lesson with him before, Floriberto, and he is so prepared to hear the gospel it is amazing! after our first lesson he told us that he wants to change his life and he is ready to do it! so we went to go to the hospital to visit stephanie after she had her baby and flori was there too! we were just going to give her a gift and visit her but we ended up teaching the plan of salvation!!!!!! I have never taught the plan of salvation as amazing and spiritual as this. There was their hour old baby laying next to us who had just left her father in heaven to come down to earth! Flori was so open and eager to learn and the whole time he kept saying "wow i never knew this before" we told him that he needs to get baptized to live with his father in heaven again and that we are here to help him. his response was "lets do it!" now if only everyone said this... but it was sooo amazing!!!!!!! we also told them that they must be living all the commandments before he gets baptized and that they must be living the law of chastity and they must get married. they said that they know that they need to be married but they just never got around to doing it! we told them we can help!!!!!! and we are having the boda in two weeks!!!!!! and flori is going to be baptized the week after!!!!!!!! the whole branch is so excited for them!!!!!! they also want to be married in the temple and they know that that is their goal to be married for eternity so that they can be together after this life!  THEEENNN... yesterday we taught rigoberto, (it is all about the bertos) and he and his girlfriend are in the exact same situation and they want to be married and rigo wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!! we were wondering what in the world is happening and where all the miracles are coming from but everyone knows that the church is true and everyone wants to be baptized!!!!!!!! so incredible!!!!!!!! and rigo wants to be married in the temple and be sealed and he didnt know that he needs to be married first then baptized then married in the temple hahaha but we are here to help him and we know he can do it!!!!!!!!!! we have found so many new hispanics to teach lately!!!!! we dont even know where they all come from but we meet so many new people every day it is so fun!!!! the sad thing is when their are controlling husbands that has happened a lot lately when the wife knows it is true and wants to be baptized but she cant because her husband wont let her join the church so sad. but we found this other golden person named santos and we taught the restoration! i think i have taught the restoration more this transfer then i have my whole mission!!!!! we made the goal when we started to find new investigators and talk to every person we ever see and the lord has definitely blessed us with success!!!!!!!!!!! the hard part is narrowing it down to the those who are really ready for the gospel right now! and knowing who we must focus on! and oh my goodness yesterday was the most incredible lesson with another new family we had met the daughter before but never the mom! the daughter is so cute i love her so much and she kept saying i look so familiar but i dont think i know her! but i love them! yesterday we brought one of our recent converts to the lesson and oh my goodness there is no secret to missionary work but if there was it would be to bring a recent convert to every lesson! she was so amazing! and said all the right things and the exact things we were going to teach but she didnt even know what we were going to do it was incredible! they are already best friends!!!!!!! and by the end of the lesson she was asking us for a book of mormon instead of us giving it to her!! when the missionaries say something the investigator always says "but i have a question" and then when the member says something the investigator is always like "ohhh yeah i see what youre saying" IT IS AMAZING! ME ENCANTA LOS MIEMBROS!!!!!!!(i love the members) if you are a member go to all the lessons with the missionaries and share your testimony and help these people because they need you and if you are not a member then what are you waiting for you need to talk to the missionaries pronto!