For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 17

Buenos Dias! this week has been wonderful! and especially yesterday! it seems like everything i write about is from mondays but maybe that is just because it is fresh on my mind or mondays are always just great or maybe because of the expectation and the choice to make them that way! anyways, there have been incredible experiences this week as me and my hermanas have decided to more fully consecrate ourselves. people who we have been teaching since i have started my mission have kept commitments and have desires to follow christ and to be baptized! i am so happy for them! two of the people we teach set a date the same day actually at the same time too. we were actually at three lessons at the same time it was incredible! i wish we were this booked every night. but each of us hermanas went with a different member and taught different lessons. it was one of the coolest lessons of my mission. and it was the first time that i was on a split by myself when the lesson was in spanish i had done it before but it was in english and it was also with the ward mission leader so it was exciting. luckily the daughter in family knows english so she could translate if i needed it but that is the thing that i didn't! i was so happy! this is why the lesson went so well because i had to rely on the spirit completely and it was so great! the family is so prepared and spiritual and the greatest sweetest people ever! oh and then also one night this week we were teaching a family and we had found out that they have nothing and no food and we found out what they had been eating and it is so sad. so we knew that we will have to get them food because we have food everyday so we are making all the plans of what we will give them of everything of ours that is not open and to pray that the members we have dinners with give us fruit from their gardens or food that we can also give to the family. we also found out that several other families we are teaching are in the same situation. when we walked home that night there were two huge garbage bags full of apples on our doorstep. we gave them to the families the next morning! it was such a blessing from God we were so thankful and so happy it was one of the best nights we have had. i cannot believe this transfer is almost over the time is flying by! On my mission I think I have had some of the most sad moments in my life but I know that I have also had the happiest moments in my life. It has definitely been an adventure, but I would rather be doing nothing else. There is no greater joy than seeing the light and happiness in these people that i love and seeing the changes in their lives and mostly in themselves. We are so excited for general conference! We are inviting everyone we meet! and I invite all of you also to listen to the prophet and apostles on october 5th and 6th 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm you can watch it online I know that we have a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, the same as Adam, Noah, and Moses. God has told us through his scriptures that whether by his voice or the voice of his servants it is the same. I know that Thomas S. Monson receives revelation for us today and we speaks with God and is a messenger to us. I am so excited to hear the words that God has for us in this next week. Invite all your friends it is going to be incredible! 
Love Love Love, Hermana Egan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 16

Hiking this morning in the mountains!!!!

And another great week full of many adventures and blessings! Yesterday we have a family home evening with one of our investigator families and it was so much fun! I love the people in this area and the people that we teach! they are incredible and so much fun! while i teach i can feel the love heavenly father has for them and when you feel that it is impossible not to love them so much. We have had many many more adventures since we have had the bikes. there are lots of unexpected breakdowns and rain lately and it has been very fun! keeps things interesting! there is never a dull moment with my hermanas they are the greatest! Today I mostly have a testimony of prayer. This week I received an answer to a prayer that i have been asking in my heart for almost my whole life and i got this answer when i finally had changed my heart about it. It was so simple i just knew that i needed to read a chapter in the bible and that was the answer i got but what i felt as i read that i will remember forever. This week many prayers have been answered actually it has been incredible but two very significant ones for me. and the answers came from the scriptures and from my patriarchal blessing. And this is also what i have been learning a lot lately is that we must be the answers to our own prayers we must work for them and pray for them and look for them and be the miracles. that is something we have been doing with my hermanas before we leave the house and we pray we ask for the miracles but then we say okay lets go be some miracles, and to us that just means being humble enough to let the spirit work through us. we can be the miracles and the answers to others prayers when we let the spirit of God work through us and when we become an instrument in his hands. I love my heavenly father and my savior Jesus Christ, who are so merciful and loving. Nothing brings more happiness than obeying the commandments of God and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite everyone to read their patriarchal blessing right now. This is one of the most incredible blessings that heavenly father has given us to have this personal scripture, that will help us to understand God's plan for us and our divine and incredible potential. I am so grateful for the priesthood and that the power of God has been restored to this earth once again. 
con todo el amor en el mundo,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 15

hola buenos dias!
this week has been another great week! the time is going somewhere and i dont know where but it is going mighty fast! i cannot believe that this transfer is almost over and i am getting sad already that i could be leaving this area and also that i probably not be with these hermanas anymore. i love them so much and this has been an incredible transfer so far. i have learned a lot and a lot has happened. this week was definitely a roller coaster and we had the most up and downs i think i have had in my mission so far, but mostly i am grateful for prayer and for the scriptures! my testimony of the book of mormon grows every single day as i read it. without fail, i recieve exactly the answer and strength i need at the moment i read it. in this area the church is so strong and so there are many opportunities for great missionary work and growth because the members help out so much, but along with that there is lots of opposition. where there is a lot of strength is where satan is also. the extremes i have seen so far on my mission has been really clear and pretty crazy. there is a lot of support here and at the same time many people who are extremely anti and it has been very interesting and i am very grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve these specific people at this time. My testimony has been strengthen so much through the opposition and through the experiences we have each day that the people will challenge or mock us, these are the moments i am most grateful for and some of the most powerful experiences i have had with the holy ghost. This quote is what i read yesterday and have i have been thinking about the last couple of days. 
"Don't give up what you want most in life for something you think you want now." 
-Richard G. Scott
to me it is about the natural man. and how in each moment it is a choice to give in to the natural man or to take a step closer to christ and to choose what i want to become in each moment by living that way. I invite you all to start today and make a list of things that you want to stop or change and pray for the strength to improve in these areas and focus on that thing or things this week. I know that as we turn to Christ there is strength and we will be able to do the things we cannot dream of without him. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I live for him and because of him. I know that this is his restored gospel and there is no more joy than in this.
que tengan un buenisimo dia! 
con muchisimo amor,
hermana egan

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 14

Hermana Mejia

My new companion Hermana Gaines
We traded our car for bikes.....yeah!!!!!

hi hi hi!!! it has been another incredible week! I love my hermanas so much they are my best friends we are having so much fun and we are staying very busy filling our days with lessons and teaching so many incredible people that i love! also, news for this week i guess, we have decided to give away our car and it is now gone! we gave it to the elders a few days ago, they needed it more than us, and in return we took their bikes! everyone thinks that we are crazy because the spanish areas are so big but we have never been happier! i love to bike so much and so do my hermanas so it is the best thing ever! and we have so much fun and have already had many interesting and exciting adventures since we have begun. oh also last week i found out i had a staff infection, there was a ball the size of a grape in my armpit and then they cut it open and drained it and now i am all better and good to go! i dont know if that is exciting news or not but just another adventure! This morning we went to the temple and now i am so happy and grateful. I am especially grateful for families that God has given us and the blessing to be with them forever that comes from the ordinances of the temple! Yesterday in my studies i was reading in Alma during the wars between the lamanites and the nephites and the verse that stuck out to me is in 43:47 where it says that ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. and how important family is, and that the only things we fight for is for god and rights and liberty and for our families. I know that how we feel about our families is the same way that heavenly father feels about all of us. We are all his children and we are all brothers and sisters. This is something that i have really learned on my mission so far when i can feel the love that heavenly father has for the people we teach while we are talking with them and while they are praying. Every one of us on this earth chose to come here before this life we all chose to follow Jesus Christ and to accept his plan of happiness and to come to this earth. We are all brothers and sisters and we are all trying to return to our heavenly father after this life some of us have just forgotten. We must do everything we can to love these people and serve them and help them to come to christ, and this is where there is everlasting joy and peace. I love my savior Jesus Christ and the incredible news we have to share because of Him who has given us everything! I hope you all have the greatest day ever! and I invite you all to serve more today and to sacrifice for your neighbor give more today and i promise that you will come closer to Christ in this day. 
Love Love Love,
Hermana Egan