For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 31

we dont have very much time because things are closed for the holidays so we all need to share but yesterday such a miracle was given to us we have been praying to find new families and new investigators because we have just dropped a lot of them that have not been progressing and we have found so many people! every single day we find at least three new investigators everyday we arent really sure what to do with all of them!  but anyways yesterday was so amazing!!!! there was a car a couple days ago who were just rolling down their window and talking to us because we are missionaries and we asked them if they knew where any hispanics are and they told us a few apartment numbers so we knocked all of them and none of them answered (thank goodness so that we could get to the last one) and the last door we knocked was the cutest most amazing family from puerto rico. the mom is so amazing and she is a professor at utah state. oh my goodness as soon as we met them we knew that they were super prepared to hear the gospel. the mom is super educated and so nice and she has such a strong testimony of christ and god already! she is amazing! then she told us about the vision she had when she was in puerto rico which is the reason that they moved here. she had a vision and there were the letters of utah in big letters spelling it out and they were shining so brightly white then she heard a voice that told her to ask her husband if they should move here and when she asked him he felt a burning in his heart of happiness. the spirit was super strong. we told them that we knew that god has sent them hear to utah to hear and find the truth. to find his one true church and we taught them about the restoration. when we invited them to be baptized they said that they already were but we told them that it was not valid because they did not have the authority or the priesthood it was so incredible! and it was so amazing oh my goodness we were so happy after this beaming of joy. heavenly has blessed us so much. his children are ready to hear the gospel! and the baptism of miguel was so great he is such a good spirit. after the baptism he kept saying how good he felt over and over again! everything is so happy! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know this is the kingdom of God and earth and that it is the only true church which the fullness of the gospel. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 30

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!! I am so happy!!! I have never had so much fun! I love being with Hermana Tolman! we are already best friends! and we are still riding our bikes around and talking to every person we ever see even the ones that we think are hispanic who really arent but then they can lead us to where they really are! Miguel is finally being baptized on saturday! and he is so happy! He is so incredible! The first time that he walked into an lds church building he started crying because he could feel the spirit! and he memorizes everything that the missionaries give him to read! He wanted to be baptized a while ago but him and his girlfriend were not married and now they are so that he can be baptized! it is so amazing! It is so fun to be a missionary at christmas! everyone gives us stuff and then we give it away to everyone else and they are so happy! people give things to the missionaries but we dont need anything but all of our investigators do! so it is great! there have been SO many miracles this week! it is so great to have a fresh start! everything has been so funny lately but amazing! a couple days ago we had a lesson with a man who could see or hear very well and hermana tolman asked him to say the prayer and then we all sat with our arms folded and eyes closed for a minute straight then hermana tolman said the prayer. i had to try so hard not to laugh. and we have found so many new people to teach! we made a goal to talk to every hispanic we see anywhere no matter what the circumstance or how far away or awkward it may be and we have met so many people because we are actually doing it! I am so grateful for this time we have to celebrate our saviors birth! everyone is more nice and more open to hearing the gospel it is so wonderful! i think i have never been happier than when our branch went caroling together a few nights ago! nothing else feels that good! the whole branch running in the snow to the next house with cookies and a keyboard and jingle bells and everyone is so happy and cold and throwing snow and laughing and the people we visit are so happy to have the spirit brought to them and they feel so special it is so fun! i love everything! feliz navidad!!!!!!!!!!
hermana egan

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 29

Winter in Logan

We went to the temple with our recents converts, our ward mission leader, and some members from the branch!!!!!!!!! it was an amazing experience! words cannot even describe!!! everyone was crying even our ward mission leader and the spirit was so strong! i could feel the joy of the people who were having their work done and it was so amazing!!!!!!! AND I AM STAYING HERE IN BUENA VISTA SOUTH!!!!! I am so happy! the branch has two sets of missionaries and i am still staying here in our area but hermana gaines will be going up to the north part of the branch which is so amazing that we are all still in the branch!!! I will be with hermana tolman who used to be up north with hermana gaines' new companion hermana allen so everyone was really shocked that we just did that switch cause that rarely ever happens! but we are all so happy! i love hermana tolman so much and we will still see hermana gaines a few times every week!!!!!!!! so great!!!!!! this week so much has happened!!!!!!!!!!! miracles miracles miracles!!!!!!!!!!! so one of them was one night we were walking around after a lesson fell through and we felt we should knock on a door we knock and white people answer so we thought this was a joke then it is a super drunk white guy holding a beer can but hermana gaines decides to ask him if he knows where the hispanics live around here and he is not very responsive but another white lady form around the corner sticks her head out and says quickly and quietly that there is a hispanic family across the street on the corner house. so we go as strange as it was we knew we were being guided by Heavenly Father. We knock the door and she is on the phone and tells us to come back tomorrow. we came back the next day and taught the most amazing lesson ever!!!!!!! we taught with the spirit and she felt the holy ghost! she was smiling the whole time and nodding it was amazing you can see the light of christ in her eyes! we taught with power and authority and she wants to learn more and says that she wants to be baptized after she learns more it was so amazing!!!!!! the daughter was in the other room listening and we invited her to come but she just wanted to listen but we are excited to teach their whole family!!!!!!! I love to be a missionary. I know that miracles happen! Heavenly Father is the reason why we can do everything in missionary work! This week we have had many incredible experiences where the holy ghost has guided us and even made known unto us the thoughts and concerns of the people we were teaching. so many powerful experiences. and i feel a fire burning in my heart! I love to be a missionary! I know our message is true and that is why we are able to share it! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost!
Con Carino, Hermana Egan

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 28

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING!!!!!!!! the members in this branch are my family and i love them all so much! they are all so eager and willing to help it is amazing! and we have the most amazing ward mission leader ever! we talk to him every day and when we bike to our investigators house he is already there visiting them!!! it is incredible! i love the members of the branch they are all so sweet and generous! i have been here so long and i am so nervous i may leave this next week for transfers but i will go where the lord wants me but i will probably still cry. OH! and one of our recent converts is preparing to serve a mission!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so happy then when she told us! We are going to bring her over a preach my gospel and go through everything with her! I am so excited! she is a senior in college and she is also thinking about colleges but she doesnt know how to do any of it and so we are going to help her so much and do everything with her! I am so excited her family is my family in logan i love them so much! We also went carolling with our branch on a saturday night and some our the recent converts were there and members and we all went out in the freezing cold and carolled to all the less actives!!!!!! it was one of the best nights of my entire mission almost number one but competing with a few others! the unity of the branch was so amazing and everyone was so happy even though we were all freezing it didn't matter we even had a keyboard that we carried around to each house and hermana tolman played the piano while we all sang and rang bells it was so fun to see the members carrying the piano and stand and the cookies we gave to everyone it was amazing and to see how happy the people were was so great we invited them all to church and i feel so happy! I know that the church of Christ has been restored! HOW INCREDIBLE! I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us and he is with us every day of our lives! AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! for this time of happiness and spirit we have to celebrate our savior's birth!!!!!!! 
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 27

Ready to bike at night

ME ENCANTA SER UNA MISIONERA. Estoy muy agradecido por la opportunidad que tengo para servir mi Dios y para ser un representante de el Salvador JesuCristo. Lo Siente Bien. Y ESTOY FELIZ. ME ENCANTA ESTA MISION Y ESTA MARAVILLOSA LUGAR QUE ESTA LLENA DE ASOMBROSAS PERSONAS. estoy agradecido por perdon y por la misericordia y gracia de Dios. Estoy agradecido para la santa cena y la oportunidad que tenemos para tomarlo cada semana. Se que el sacerdocio ha restaurado y es el poder de dios para efectuar el baptismos y ordananzas. se que es real y lo que es lo mismo poder que cristo tuvo cuando el vino a la tierra. Se que Dios tiene un plan para nosotros y que las personas que rodean es para un razon y por su designio. ME ENCANTA EL EVANGELIO DE JESUCRISTO- LA IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ULTIMOS DIAS. 
paz, fe, gozo,
hermana egan

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 26

this has been the greatest day ever and i feel very grateful! we have just got back from the temple and i feel full of joy and spirit! we also need to leave here in about 10 minutes to teach a lesson to one of our recent converts we are going to read the scriptures with her and she cant read so it is a really nice thing to do with her! she is incredible i am so excited and after that we are going to one of the stake presidents house and he teaches us some things he is so amazing! we are so blessed! and it is even thanksgiving in two days yay!!!!! we will be eating tomales with the spanish branch so it will definitely be a thanksgiving i will always remember!!! also there have been miracles this week and especially yesterday!!!!!!! one of the less actives we visit her daughters arent members and they use to hate the missionaries and avoid them at all costs and because of some amazing blessing they love us and i think we are going to be able to begin teaching them we are so excited!!!! and we have a family home evening set up with them for tomorrow!!!! i love them so much! 

35 I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.
acts 20:35 

i love this scripture!!!!! and for me it means that even how many blessings and joy that i have from having the gospel of jesus christ in my life that i will be even more blessed and happy to share it with others than to have it! i love it!!!!!!

i love everything i love all of you!!!!!!
happy thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 25

Winter has come!

Hola! it is the winter time i guess! but the people keep telling me that this is nothing and that us little girls will die in the winter in our skirts and bikes but i guess we will see them we tell them about the pioneers but they usually just shake their heads. hahaha. but really it is not bad yet but i am starting to get scared only because a few people say this to us each day so you start to believe them. anyways! the work is amazing and this week was wonderful! mostly sunday! because every one in town came to church! so each sunday before church my and hermana gaines end our studies early so that we can go out and we say "round up the gang" but pretty much just invite every one to church again even though we have invited them many times already and then they all say they will come and show us their outfits they will wear and then no one ever comes and then this week everyone came!!!!! well not everyone... but it was incredible during the meeting i would tap hermana gaines on the shoulder and say loooook looook who is here and we were so happy and would go and sit by them and say hello and it was so wonderful! i love the people here! the abuelita taught me how to make pupusas this weekend i love her so much she is my best friend i love their whole family so much and now we are making plans to go to the temple with them and they are hopefully getting their interviews on sunday after church! SO PUMPED!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and also one of our investigators came to church and we were teaching the priests his class and we were talking about missionary work and practicing door approaches  and they were talking about mini missions and he wants to serve one!!! it was so cool! oh and also he had just gotten out of the juvenile detention center an hour before church started we were so happy when he walked in! he is the best! 
"the kingdom of god or nothing" - John Taylor
hermana egan

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 24

Maria's Baptism (Lorena's grandma)

we had transfers today AND ME AND HERMANA GAINES ARE BOTH STAYING IN LOGAN WE ARE SO HAPPY! i hope i never leave this place i love it so much! and we are so happy we get to stay together because hermana gaines is the best missionary ever i love her so much! this week was amazing! maria, lorenas grandma was baptized on saturday and it was so amazing! i love her and their whole family so much! Elder Clark came and talked with us on wednesday it was incredible and very powerful, he gave us many slaps to the face! it was awesome! i loved him so much! after the training with elder clark our mission has made many more changes that are above and more strict than general mission standards but we are very excited about it all! i am so excited for this transfer! yesterday we had such a miracle! we usually have about 3 family home evenings with different families on monday night and they all went very well but the last one was so amazing our ward mission leader came with us and this is a family we have been teaching for a very long time but they are not married, and before they always have just told us that they didnt want to get married, and then hermano morales was very bold but the spirit was so strong and he told them that they were living in adultery and that they need to be married. i normally wouldn't tell someone that they are commiting adultery but he did it because he loves them and the spirit was so strong it was amazing and then after we found out the real reasons and she is still married to someone else in mexico and she cant speak english and cant fill out the papers but they want to be married and we are going to help them with everything and with the papers or court or everything we are so excited for them! this is their first step to having an eternal family! i love this family so much! we have been visiting them my entire mission so far and we have almost dropped them many times because they were not progressing but never did for some reason. also i love their daughters! they have three and the youngest ones and 3 and 5 and they do our hair every time we teach and it is very cute and very painful but i love them so much! and their oldest daughter is 11 and she is amazing she is the reason why they go to church because she begs to go and she is always so anxious to learn more last night she was begging her parents that they can all be baptized and she wants them to get married also so that they can go to the temple one day! it was so incredible! the members are really great here too! they are my best friends! after we finish emailing we are going to go to the stake presidents house of one of the english stakes he is amazing and paints a lot of the art in the temples he has a huge library and he basically just teaches us when we go over and its the greatest thing ever! he has so much knowledge it is really incredible! and speaking of knowledge! i love this quote! "knowledge without labor is profitless. knowledge with labor is genius." also if you are reading this you need to go to your church leaders and get the list of members and ask which are the less actives or inactives in your ward and go visit them and love them! we have seen miracles from this! 
Yo se que JesuCristo vive y es el solo camino a felicidad verdadero! si guardamos los mandamientos del senor estaremos feliz y el bendicira nosotros! No hay otra manera sino mediante nuestro Salvador JesuCristo y su evangelio de paz esperanza y gozo!
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 23

Another Baptism!!!!!!!

hola de logan utah!
I AM SO HAPPY! so many good things have been happening! and i am so happy that i cannot stop smiling and sometimes my face even hurts! leslie was baptized on saturday and it was such a miracle and a happy day! she has been going to church for a long time and hasn't had the desire to be baptized until now. also the abuelita who is incredible is going to be baptized on saturday and she is so excited she is so prepared and is so close to god it is amazing i love her so much. yesterday was one of the best days of my life. the spirit was so strong and we had an experience where we almost didn't go where we needed to be at that moment and i didn't want to go there and we went anyways because we knew we had to and the spirit was so strong it was incredible i was so happy! heavenly father told me through the holy ghost that that was exactly where we needed to be at that time and that was part of his plan and design for us. i have seen on my mission satans influence and how subtle it is sometimes but also i have learned to discern it more and now sometimes it even seems so obvious. but i have also learned how his influence can even be to continue doing good things or to do good things rather than doing better things. I am so grateful for the gift of the holy ghost that comes after we are baptized. I am grateful for this guidance I have in my life and the peace and joy that i am able to feel even when people are rejecting us or in time when we should not have peace. I know this gospel of jesus christ is true and i love it.
sigue adelante!
hermana egan

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 22

Ward Cultural Night

Hiking again on P Day

It was an epic adventure today just to get to this little computer to say hi to everyone in other lands. it has just starting snowing and being very cold and we biked over here to the tabernacle through huge puddles and lakes of water and it was very fun but also know that i love you very much because my fingers are still very numb so it is hard to even write this so maybe it will be short. this week we had a cultural night with the whole branch and it was incredible! all of the church members wore their clothing and brought food music and dances from their country, and it was so fun to see how much pride these people have in the country and we sang the song with the mexican people and it was super super fun! also it is such a cool time this week because everyone is preparing to go to the temple all of the less actives and all of the new converts it is so amazing and i am so excited for them! leslie's baptism is on saturday and she is so awesome! i love her so much! she is so funny and cute and has been coming to church for so long and is finally getting baptized so everyone knows her and is so happy for her. so last night we met this crazy awesome girl who basically does the same thing as us. (she said hahaha) but she goes all over the united states selling magazines for this contest and it is this second chance at life and that she has just come out of jail and she was really really incredible actually but she said that she didn't like these mormons (probably because they weren't buying her magazines with half naked people on them) but then i gave her $5 and then she loved us more than she already did we were best friends. it was really fun. also we had an incredible lesson with lorena's abuelita! she came to conference with us too with lorena and with blanca and she is so amazing and she wants to be baptized! she knows that it is true and it is so amazing! she cannot read because she never learned how but we go over in the mornings and read the scriptures with her as our language study and she loves to read and she has great questions and i love her so much i am so excited for her! so basically this has been the greatest week ever and time ever and i am ready for another fresh week of work! i cannot believe this transfer is almost over there is so much more to do!!! thought for this moment: prayer is not about changing my circumstances but it is about changing me. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I know that he is my only hope, I am nothing without Him but with Him I can have hope and strength, peace and joy! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I KNOW THAT IT IS TRUE.
Espero que tengan un buenisima dia!
Amor Amor Amor,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 21

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN EPIC!!! I cannot believe that this transfer is half way over! es loco! we found out at one of our lessons that before we started teaching one of the young women we teach that she would listen in to the lessons we were having with her less active mother. she is very shy but she would crack open her door and stand and listen where we could not see her or she would sit in the hallway, she is so amazing and she has one of the most amazing spirits. it is amazing how the people we are teaching are prepared by the lord, and i have seen so many times people who i never thought would listen to us, and their hearts have been softened. it is when we are teaching their family or friends and then they will slowly listen in and become more and more involved it is so great to see the spirit of the lord working! This week we went through all the old progress records and we had to go through many but to find a few that we are very excited to visit one of them was really progressing but then moved to peru for a little and said to come back in a few months and it has been way past that time and i dont know why we havent visited or found that record before now but i hope we will be able to find her! oh! also we got a referral from salt lake and she is incredible and wants to learn more and be baptized! it is amazing! we only talked with her for maybe 10 minutes but she is prepared and i am so excited to go back and to teach her and her daughter! also we have been trying to find a man named oscar for a very long time but he is very hard to find because of his schedule so we go at the probably perfect time to find him but instead we find his cousin who we have never met and who we didnt even know live there with him and we taught him the plan of salvation on the spot and he came to church with us the next day on sunday it was incredible and he is planning on coming back to church next week and staying for the full three hours i am so excited to start teaching him! i love this area, it is amazing. it is gold. me and hermana gaines say this everyday. also that we love this mission. really it is so blessed. and there are so many people that are prepared and so many people ready to teach. i know there are so many more people that we still haven't found yet but we are too busy with the people that we are already teaching! but we have been scheduling in some more finding so hopefully we will see fruits of that soon! but yes this week has been fabulous! there is much more to do! and so little time! also our ward mission leader is amazing, he is the greatest and is so involved and helps us so much i love everything about this area and this branch and i didn't even realize how great it was until now. I love the people here it is going to be so hard when i get transferred but i am always up for a fresh start so everything is great! scripture for this moment is in Isaiah 49:16 that says "Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." Jesus Christ will never forget us. We are all a part of Him. A quote I read today that i loved was forget all the reasons why it wont work and remember the one reason why it will. The reason is Jesus Christ. He will never forget us He is always here with us as long as we will have the faith and remember Him. When it is hard and you hurt, remember Him and remember the pains that He has felt for us. I love my Savior Jesus Christ I know that the power of His atonement and sacrifice is real and is our only hope, I have seen it change lives and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can bring true and forever lasting happiness. And I am so grateful.
LOVE LOVE LOVE, Hermana Egan

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 20

Lorena's Baptism

Hiking on P - Day

Hello and yet another incredible week we have seen the blessings of the lord! news for this week is.... well mostly i am so grateful. today especially my heart is filled with gratitude. my stomach is light and i cannot stop smiling. I love the Lord. and I love this earth he has given us. We went hiking this morning again and it was so beautiful. The lord has blessed us this transfer one after another we cannot even believe it the miracles that have happened and the hearts that have happened. the changes that we have seen in people this week is amazing, and it is all the lord's doing and his work. lorenas baptism was beautiful and the spirit was so strong i am so happy for her she is amazing i cannot wait to go to the temple with her! also there are four other people who we are teaching who have baptismal dates for the next three weeks. i am so happy for them. and i have learned so much from each of them. something that me and hermana gaines have started to do is to have prayers of gratitude where we dont ask for anything but only thank the lord for what is happening and it has been incredible. I love hermana gaines so much we never stop going and she gives every single thing and time to the lord she is amazing and is such an example to me to be better each day. She is always giving and always serving and such an example of our savior. this transfer is flying by i cannot believe it has already been two weeks i feel that it has just started although so much has happened but there is so much more to do. it is just like elder edward dube said in conference, dont look back at what we have already done but look at what we still have to do. and this is how i feel each day. after miracles happen it is easy to say wow look what happened we did good today we can slow down and take it easy but we didnt do anything that was the lord and he has much more in store for us even in that day. I love my savior and I love my Heavenly Father. Also i want to invite you if you have a patriarchal blessing to read it now. and pray to understand what you need at this moment. We have had powerful experiences this week and I know that our blessings are a letter from our Heavenly Father to us. The power of the holy ghost is amazing and has power to do miracles and soften hearts and change our natures. Heavenly father has a plan for us and for each of us. I love what President Monson said in the relief society broadcast, so simple, "remember prayer", i know that i forgot the real power of prayer and how important is it to keep our faith enough to reach our potential. LOVE LOVE LOVE HERMANA EGAN 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 19

THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION AND ACTUALLY NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT MY LIFE. Everything has changed. It is incredible I am finally starting to be more of the missionary that I want to be. Hermana Gaines is amazing I love her so much we run around everywhere and we do everything as fast as we can. We go running every morning and we bike everywhere we go, but the incredible thing is that we are teaching triple as many lessons as we were when we were in cars my first two transfers. We taught 37 lessons between wednesday and sunday and two of the days were general conference. We have made a new goal to teach 10 lessons a day not even counting facebook lessons and we started this week with 9 yesterday so we will need to work harder but we can do that. I am so happy. When you are a missionary I have found that the only only only thing that will  make you happy is being a missionary and doing everything right and how you are supposed to and then you will be happy and even the things that used to make you happy before you were a missionary do not satisfy me now. The only thing is the work and teaching with the spirit. This is the reason that this week has been amazing. The more teaching the more spirit the better. We have made a lot of new goals and have changed a lot of things. With hermana gaines I am so comfotable and I can be myself and we are both always on the same page and we are both willing to make the same sacrifices. I know she is willing to work so much harder and do so much so is the greatest example to me in every moment and she is an incredible missionary. (this is the same person that my mtc teacher told me about and how we are exactly the same and that we were going to be companions, and now we actually are and it is unreal) we are trying to be exactly exactly obedient this transfer and we have already seen the lord bless us. Lorena is getting baptized on saturday and I could not be more happy for her she is incredible and she is so happy and excited! Lorena her mom and grandma are the investigators that came with us to conference last week and they are so amazing! I love them so much and we are so comfortable around them they are like my family. Her mom just laughs at my spanish but helps me a lot she is so great! We starting teaching a lot more lessons and a lot shorter when we used to stay for a while but now we just go in love them bring the spirit share the gospel leave quickly and then they are crying and asking when we will come back instead of us setting up the return appointment it is amazing. 

Also we have seen people change this week that I have been teaching for my entire mission so far and it is amazing people that you would never think. Someone we have been teaching little lessons to a lot and they are just one of our friends in an area that we teach half the people who live in the apartment complex and we has been to jail lots and is super whatever to us and never keeps commitments but we love him so much and have kept teaching him for some reason even though usually we would drop him but now we now why because we taught a lesson and it was incredible and he was completely different and so serious and he wants this and he knows that he needs this and he wants to change his life and everything and he is willing to change and sacrifice and it is amazing and he is coming to church on sunday and we are so excited! also there has been people listening into our lessons that he didnt even know about and one of our investigators sister took his book of mormon and has been reading it and it is so incredible. and also one of the daughters of another person we are teaching came up to us after and asked if we would assign her something in the book of mormon to read it is amazing. we aren't even doing anything and the people are asking us to come to church and the people are asking us to read the book of mormon and to come back and to teach them more and it is all the lord blessing us and lord preparing the people and they feel the spirit. and we have so much time it is amazing we will have 10 minutes to get the whole way across our area and we will look at each other and say we have time to visit hannah or one more person and we will literally get off our bikes and run and tell them we love them but we dont have much time but show them the mormon message and invite them and it is amazing! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST TRANSFER OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! we are so pumped! and we have just started and there is so many more things that we can improve on and more goals that we have. also today after the temple we almost beat all the other missionaries in their cars to the lunch place and they were all telling us we shouldnt bike but ride with them and we will take forever we were so happy! hermana gaines is so amazing everyone says that we are the same person and we are alike except she is minus all the bad things about me and times 10 all the good things. we both have so much energy it is so great we go go go and at the end of the day we are asleep in a moment we are so dead and my body actually feels broken right now in pieces i am soooo sore and i love it. we are both smiling all the time and just getting everyone pumped up for church and for everything i love it so much! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY AND I HOPE IT NEVER ENDS. i dont think that i will ever have a companion like hermana gaines ever again so we are really taking advantage of this opportunity from heavcenly father to work so hard and to do everything that we can to bring everyone closer to Him and to teach his children of Christ. 

and Conference was unreal. wow this letter could be forever long because there were so many miracles that i cannot even say in the time and i dont have any time because we need to gogogogogo like always and do a thousand things but conference was amazing. so before i prayed lots about which questions i was going to ask this conference i wrote some down and was really seeking for revelation on many things. one of them was how can i be a better missionary? really generic right what every missionary wants to know. i also had a few others that were my personal things that are personal. so during conference it is was crazy that each talk was specifically for one of the people that we teach and i thought of one person during each talk it was exactly for them and exactly for their situation crazy amounts. After the fourth one i was thinking okay these are the answers to everyone else i know to their prayers but i will need to keep waiting for the answers to mine. Then finally I realized that i am the most prideful and selfish person ever and the answer to my prayer is to not worry about any of my own problems to forget myself to forget these things that are hard and that the only thing my life is about is these people is to help them and being them closer to their savior. and this is how i will be happy. this is the answer to everything to forget myself. which is something i am working on and it is going to take a while. But the spirit was incredible to be in the same room as the apostles and prophet it was amazing i could not stop crying and i am so grateful for this gospel and for my heavenly father i love him so much. I have so much joy I love everyone and everything my muscles in my face are sore from never stopping smiling. My favorite talk from conference was uchtdorf it was incredible and i could not stop crying the spirit was so strong. I love when he kept saying Come, Come I loved him so much and also For here you will find something that is precious beyond price. Incredible. I posted it on my facebook if anyone missed it or if they want to see it again. oh also amazing thing is that we have started to use the less actives as the fellowships for the investigators and we will pray and see who will be for who and we tell that person all about the investigator and then they come to the lesson with us right after that and it is so many lessons with members and then the less actives offers them a ride to church and i am thinking in my dont even go to church.... YESSS! it is incredible and the gbreatets thing ever! everyone should do this it is making the investiagtor work and the less active work one and that is how everything should be as one! yay!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 18

Heeelllooo! Another transfer is in the past and the news is that i am staying here in logan! i am super happy and so excited for this next transfer. Hermana Mejia is leaving which is so sad she has been a best friend to me my whole mission so far but i know that the lord needs her elsewhere and i am so blessed that hermana gaines is staying here in logan! so it will be us two for this next transfer and we are super pumped! we have tickets to go to general conference and we are super excited we are bringing a couple of investigators who are mind blown and so excited to see the living prophet today. it was really a miracle from the lord that we received the tickets and we invited them before we even had them and many missionaries were having troubles trying to get them and no one could. so it is amazing and i am so happy and blessed to be staying in this area. 
"When you struggle, when you are rejected, when you are spit upon and cast out and made a hiss and a byword, you are standing with the best life this world has ever known, the only pure and perfect life ever lived. You have reason to stand tall and be grateful that the Living Son of the Living God knows all about your sorrows and afflictions. The only way to salvation is through Gethsemane and on to Calvary. The only way to eternity is through Him—the Way, the Truth, and the Life."
-Elder Jeffery R. Holland 
this quote has been my strength this week and i love it so much.
I know that there is a living prophet today and like it says in doctrine and covenants 1:38 whether by my own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same. i am so excited to hear from the lord this saturday! i know that this is the scripture that we have specifically for our time and for this moment and there knowledge and hope gives me so much joy. 
Nos Vemos!
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 17

Buenos Dias! this week has been wonderful! and especially yesterday! it seems like everything i write about is from mondays but maybe that is just because it is fresh on my mind or mondays are always just great or maybe because of the expectation and the choice to make them that way! anyways, there have been incredible experiences this week as me and my hermanas have decided to more fully consecrate ourselves. people who we have been teaching since i have started my mission have kept commitments and have desires to follow christ and to be baptized! i am so happy for them! two of the people we teach set a date the same day actually at the same time too. we were actually at three lessons at the same time it was incredible! i wish we were this booked every night. but each of us hermanas went with a different member and taught different lessons. it was one of the coolest lessons of my mission. and it was the first time that i was on a split by myself when the lesson was in spanish i had done it before but it was in english and it was also with the ward mission leader so it was exciting. luckily the daughter in family knows english so she could translate if i needed it but that is the thing that i didn't! i was so happy! this is why the lesson went so well because i had to rely on the spirit completely and it was so great! the family is so prepared and spiritual and the greatest sweetest people ever! oh and then also one night this week we were teaching a family and we had found out that they have nothing and no food and we found out what they had been eating and it is so sad. so we knew that we will have to get them food because we have food everyday so we are making all the plans of what we will give them of everything of ours that is not open and to pray that the members we have dinners with give us fruit from their gardens or food that we can also give to the family. we also found out that several other families we are teaching are in the same situation. when we walked home that night there were two huge garbage bags full of apples on our doorstep. we gave them to the families the next morning! it was such a blessing from God we were so thankful and so happy it was one of the best nights we have had. i cannot believe this transfer is almost over the time is flying by! On my mission I think I have had some of the most sad moments in my life but I know that I have also had the happiest moments in my life. It has definitely been an adventure, but I would rather be doing nothing else. There is no greater joy than seeing the light and happiness in these people that i love and seeing the changes in their lives and mostly in themselves. We are so excited for general conference! We are inviting everyone we meet! and I invite all of you also to listen to the prophet and apostles on october 5th and 6th 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm you can watch it online I know that we have a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, the same as Adam, Noah, and Moses. God has told us through his scriptures that whether by his voice or the voice of his servants it is the same. I know that Thomas S. Monson receives revelation for us today and we speaks with God and is a messenger to us. I am so excited to hear the words that God has for us in this next week. Invite all your friends it is going to be incredible! 
Love Love Love, Hermana Egan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 16

Hiking this morning in the mountains!!!!

And another great week full of many adventures and blessings! Yesterday we have a family home evening with one of our investigator families and it was so much fun! I love the people in this area and the people that we teach! they are incredible and so much fun! while i teach i can feel the love heavenly father has for them and when you feel that it is impossible not to love them so much. We have had many many more adventures since we have had the bikes. there are lots of unexpected breakdowns and rain lately and it has been very fun! keeps things interesting! there is never a dull moment with my hermanas they are the greatest! Today I mostly have a testimony of prayer. This week I received an answer to a prayer that i have been asking in my heart for almost my whole life and i got this answer when i finally had changed my heart about it. It was so simple i just knew that i needed to read a chapter in the bible and that was the answer i got but what i felt as i read that i will remember forever. This week many prayers have been answered actually it has been incredible but two very significant ones for me. and the answers came from the scriptures and from my patriarchal blessing. And this is also what i have been learning a lot lately is that we must be the answers to our own prayers we must work for them and pray for them and look for them and be the miracles. that is something we have been doing with my hermanas before we leave the house and we pray we ask for the miracles but then we say okay lets go be some miracles, and to us that just means being humble enough to let the spirit work through us. we can be the miracles and the answers to others prayers when we let the spirit of God work through us and when we become an instrument in his hands. I love my heavenly father and my savior Jesus Christ, who are so merciful and loving. Nothing brings more happiness than obeying the commandments of God and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite everyone to read their patriarchal blessing right now. This is one of the most incredible blessings that heavenly father has given us to have this personal scripture, that will help us to understand God's plan for us and our divine and incredible potential. I am so grateful for the priesthood and that the power of God has been restored to this earth once again. 
con todo el amor en el mundo,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 15

hola buenos dias!
this week has been another great week! the time is going somewhere and i dont know where but it is going mighty fast! i cannot believe that this transfer is almost over and i am getting sad already that i could be leaving this area and also that i probably not be with these hermanas anymore. i love them so much and this has been an incredible transfer so far. i have learned a lot and a lot has happened. this week was definitely a roller coaster and we had the most up and downs i think i have had in my mission so far, but mostly i am grateful for prayer and for the scriptures! my testimony of the book of mormon grows every single day as i read it. without fail, i recieve exactly the answer and strength i need at the moment i read it. in this area the church is so strong and so there are many opportunities for great missionary work and growth because the members help out so much, but along with that there is lots of opposition. where there is a lot of strength is where satan is also. the extremes i have seen so far on my mission has been really clear and pretty crazy. there is a lot of support here and at the same time many people who are extremely anti and it has been very interesting and i am very grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve these specific people at this time. My testimony has been strengthen so much through the opposition and through the experiences we have each day that the people will challenge or mock us, these are the moments i am most grateful for and some of the most powerful experiences i have had with the holy ghost. This quote is what i read yesterday and have i have been thinking about the last couple of days. 
"Don't give up what you want most in life for something you think you want now." 
-Richard G. Scott
to me it is about the natural man. and how in each moment it is a choice to give in to the natural man or to take a step closer to christ and to choose what i want to become in each moment by living that way. I invite you all to start today and make a list of things that you want to stop or change and pray for the strength to improve in these areas and focus on that thing or things this week. I know that as we turn to Christ there is strength and we will be able to do the things we cannot dream of without him. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I live for him and because of him. I know that this is his restored gospel and there is no more joy than in this.
que tengan un buenisimo dia! 
con muchisimo amor,
hermana egan

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 14

Hermana Mejia

My new companion Hermana Gaines
We traded our car for bikes.....yeah!!!!!

hi hi hi!!! it has been another incredible week! I love my hermanas so much they are my best friends we are having so much fun and we are staying very busy filling our days with lessons and teaching so many incredible people that i love! also, news for this week i guess, we have decided to give away our car and it is now gone! we gave it to the elders a few days ago, they needed it more than us, and in return we took their bikes! everyone thinks that we are crazy because the spanish areas are so big but we have never been happier! i love to bike so much and so do my hermanas so it is the best thing ever! and we have so much fun and have already had many interesting and exciting adventures since we have begun. oh also last week i found out i had a staff infection, there was a ball the size of a grape in my armpit and then they cut it open and drained it and now i am all better and good to go! i dont know if that is exciting news or not but just another adventure! This morning we went to the temple and now i am so happy and grateful. I am especially grateful for families that God has given us and the blessing to be with them forever that comes from the ordinances of the temple! Yesterday in my studies i was reading in Alma during the wars between the lamanites and the nephites and the verse that stuck out to me is in 43:47 where it says that ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. and how important family is, and that the only things we fight for is for god and rights and liberty and for our families. I know that how we feel about our families is the same way that heavenly father feels about all of us. We are all his children and we are all brothers and sisters. This is something that i have really learned on my mission so far when i can feel the love that heavenly father has for the people we teach while we are talking with them and while they are praying. Every one of us on this earth chose to come here before this life we all chose to follow Jesus Christ and to accept his plan of happiness and to come to this earth. We are all brothers and sisters and we are all trying to return to our heavenly father after this life some of us have just forgotten. We must do everything we can to love these people and serve them and help them to come to christ, and this is where there is everlasting joy and peace. I love my savior Jesus Christ and the incredible news we have to share because of Him who has given us everything! I hope you all have the greatest day ever! and I invite you all to serve more today and to sacrifice for your neighbor give more today and i promise that you will come closer to Christ in this day. 
Love Love Love,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 13

hi hi hi!!! this is the start of the second transfer and in a couple days i will have been out for almost 3 months i really feel that i have just gotten here so that is kind of starting to weird me out and make me sad that the time is flying so fast but just live every moment and it is so great! so hermana rickett has left us which was very very sad but she is needed elsewhere and that is okay and  i was very happy that hermana mejia was staying because we are best friends and i love her so much. our new companion and my new trainer is hermana gaines. which is so great because she is the best person ever and it is also really funny because when i was in the mtc one of my teachers told me that someone named hermana gaines was going to be my trainer and i of course never heard of her or anyone in the mission and he said she was in the mission and was one of his friends from byu and that she is exactly like me and that she will def be my trainer then when i got to the mission home she was the first missionary that i met so that was so weird and i was really thinking she was going to be but then of course she wasn't my trainer and hermana rickett was so when ever i found out that hermana gaines was going to be my trainer for this transfer it was pretty weird but so awesome! now i need to email my mtc teacher and let him know he was right! but the point is that i love her so much! and i suppose it is destiny that we are companions hahaha. but really she is the best person ever and i am learning so much from her, she is a powerful missionary and a great example! i am so excited for this transfer! me and my hermanas are having so much fun and we have lots of great people and families we are teaching! This week I am most grateful for the scriptures, and specifically the book of mormon. I have been having super powerful experiences and actually every time that i do read it, it is exactly relevant to my day like crazy amounts. yesterday it was almost word for word a conversation i had, and it was very cool. so for example yesterday we were talking to a young man who was an atheist and we was very smart and nice and great to talk to, but of course when you talk to people like that they challenge you, and that is why i truly love talking to atheists and people who will challenge me because that is one time when my testimony is always strengthened. There have been many times so far when someone just picks you apart and these have been some of the experiences when i have felt the holy ghost the most powerfully testify to me of the truth. and then when i got home last night i read in extra time before bed and it was about the anti christ korihor in alma 30 and the conversation was almost word for word and it was super cool for me and i felt the holy ghost testify to me for the second time that day of our heavenly father and his power and love. and in the book of mormon i was able to see what alma such a great missionary said and then learn how to become a little better everyday and it was pretty cool. i was thinking if only i read this in the morning before but i guess i need to try on my own first and then we get the help but either way i have such a strong testimony of the book of mormon. I know it is God's words to us and that we can receive personal revelation and answers to our prayers. There have been so many times when we have shared the scripture that those people needed at that moment and sometimes the same scripture to different people but the holy ghost still speaks to them and will give them what they need we just have to follow the promptings. I know it is a gift from God and i am so grateful to have this guidance and knowledge as well as the guidance form the living prophet thomas s. monson. we are already getting so excited for general conference! I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I live because of him, I will live because of him, We can change anything through him and we can overcome anything. Through the atonement our natures can be changed and we can become more like Christ. This week I have had an opportunity to really learn what the atonement is and means and i am still learning this now and probably will be forever, but i am incredibly grateful and so full of joy that there is no room for anything else!!!! 
the scripture for this moment is Alma 26:22. 
con muchisimo amor, 
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 12

hi hi hi hi! this week has been so awesome! and the new transfer starts tomorrow! i am staying in logan with hermana mejia and we are getting a new trainer hermana gaines. i will miss hermana rickett so much she was the best thing but i am very excited for a new transfer and a fresh start! 
anyways, this week has been great! one of the coolest things is when one of our investigators who has been in jail just got out and messaged us on facebook right when he was free and told us he is coming to church with us on sunday. this is such a miracle if you even knew this person. He is so awesome and very smart and he knows the bible and he has a lot of problems with churches and stuff but they all line up perfectly with the gospel and it is pretty cool that this really is all the answers he is looking for so we taught him a couple times before he got caught for jail but he always said he hates church and everyday bad comes from church and that he will never never go to church so it is amazing and i don't know what happened while he was in jail but i cannot wait to talk to him he is so cool and i think he read the book of mormon! 
anyways also yesterday we met the nicest sweetest cutest family from spain and they invited us in and wanted us to eat dinner with them but we had already ate and so they just postponed their dinner for an hour while we talked and they just wanted to talk more and more and they were so nice. The parents are very catholic and the dad knows everything about the catholic church and is super super nice and really cool and super open to talk to us we talked about all the differences and we taught the restoration and the coolest part was that there teenage daughter has been going to the lds church and she went to efy last week and and she was answering all of the questions and she was beaming when she was talking about efy and church and it was super cool. they are going back to spain in a month but we are so excited to teach them before they do! I love being a missionary it is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i love all the people that we meet everyday. I think the Lord has definitely blessed me with a better memory because if we meet 50 people that day i remember them all and there names and the people i met in the first weeks that i talked to once and then meet them again way later i love to remember their names and show them that i care about them because i really do! i just love all the people and being a missionary that is another gift that comes i think is to see the people more how heavenly father sees them and just appreciate what it is that they have. I know that Heavenly Father is guiding me everyday I know that he guides all of us and he is involved in our lives, he is always there, and he always wants to help us, I know that he has a plan for us, and when i dont understand why something isn't going the way i planned it he has a better purpose in mind and he knows what is best and that the people are being prepared. I love this gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that is has been restored and we have a living prophet today. I know that we can return to live with heavenly father and jesus christ and live together with our families after this life.
con mucho amor, 
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 11

This week has been a crazy week and an AWESOME one!!!! lots lots lots has happened and it is very exciting!!!! we took on of our investigators (it is actually the one who read the scriptures from behind the bush if you are keeping up, who is now progressing so much and it is amazing) but we took him tot he martin harris pageant and there he was able to meet a few of the youth from our spanish branch miraculously that they were right next to where we were sitting out of literally thousands of people it was pretty cool he also came to church with us this sunday and he is already talking about next week and he is coming to activities and it is pretty cool!!! also we got facebook this week which was the craziest weirdest thing ever that i thought would never happen but it is so amazing and the teaching opportunities now available with the new technology is incredible and the potential of missionary work has just skyrocketed. They have asked us to use the same account that we had because i guess for one that is a rule that facebook has is one account per person so of course we are following all of the rules but also it is pretty cool and it is a blessing because it really makes us into a life long missionary and we are able to stay in contact with the people that we are teaching now after our mission and even after we get transferred. There are many missionaries who are already teaching families and friends the gospel lesson and it is pretty amazing. I will only be using facebook for missionary purposes though do it is is for anything else we will need to email but we also need the help of all the members to get involved we need all of their support and we need all the members to add us so that we are able to spread the gospel even more we need the members to like comment and share when we post mormon messages or spiritual thoughts so that that will spread to all of your friends also and we can get more people in touch with the missionaries and more people effected. Please help out and also add the missionaries from your home ward on facebook if that mission has started the program because that is how we are going to make the most difference is with every one involved working together to dot he lord's work. We had to of course clear everything off of our old facebooks before we could start using them as a missionary so we had to hide all of our pictures and past posts which took a while but now that i am done i have been on one day when i started contacting and i have already had a miracle happen and it is pretty amazing and i know that lots of success is on its way with the use of technology also it is pretty cool how much the lord does trust the youth with first the age change for missions and now using all of this technology. I know that the Lord has been preparing many miracles and plans before my mission that i had no idea while they were happening and now i am very grateful and amazed at the miracles and blessings that i see every day. Also we have had some pretty cool lesson this week and one was with someone who wasnt keep commitments before i guess and so my hermanas had to drop them before i got here but we ran into them randomly and they invited us in and we taught the coolest lesson ever it was amazing and the spirit was so strong and especially when the woman said the prayer at the end it was very cool that was actually yesterday and we have another appointment tonight so i am pretty excited about we have been getting more referrals and finding more people since we have lost a few and it is pretty cool. I cannot believe that this transfer is already over time is flying by but i am so grateful for every day and each moment. This week many of my prayers were answered in really cool and real ways and i am feeling very happy and grateful and free! :) Many of the answers did come through other people and i just love the way that the Lord works! it is pretty amazing! I love being a missionary so much! Today we got to go hiking again and i run some of it with one of my hermanas and it was very freeing and beautiful and awesome! I know this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the same church that Christ established when we lived and it is the kingdom of God on this earth I am so grateful to have this knowledge, peace, love, joy in my life and I want every one to have it and I want everyone to know it! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that through Him we can do it all and we can have blessing after this life that we can never imagine how great as long as we will live this life like He did and keep our covenants and commandments! and there is so much joy in that! Also logan is one of the most beautiful places around the earth as much as i have seen i am finding out the mountains are amazing and the sunset every day against the sky is a masterpiece it is pretty cool! I love this earth and the plan that heavenly father has for each of us. I know that he hears you and your prayers and that our heavenly father is always there and he always loves us even when we do make the mistake. I know because I can feel the spirit and the love that heavenly father for the people that i teach every day.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 10

Hola Hola Hola!
This week has been super great! I love my hermanas to death and they make everything fun. We have a few investigators that are really progressing. and for example, the boy from the bushes story last week is going around telling everyone that he is going to be baptized so that is pretty cool. but also really sad things have happened when we have lost a lot of people. for example, one of our investigators moved and is now out of our area so we cant teach her anymore but we are still going to her baptism. Also another one of our investigators,  we found out where we teach him is actually his sons house and he doesn't live in our area either. Also another one of ours, is either missing or hiding and we have tried so many times and no luck and it is really pretty sad that we are starting to lose hope on her because she was so golden and awesome. but other than that we did teach a lot of really cool lesson this week and the Lord is definitely blessing us. The food was kinda hard this week and it did make me pretty sick one night but the Lord is definitely helping me with that also and just day by day everything is great! The members in the spanish branch are super awesome and very willing to help and come to lessons they are pretty cool. This week we are super busy and we are going to a martin harris pageant a few times to help, be missionaries and talk to non members there and also we are bringing a few investigators with us so we are pretty excited about that! This is the scripture that I like at the moment.
And they did humble themselves even in the depths of humility; and they did cry mightily to God; yea, even all the day long did they cry unto their God that he would deliver them out of their afflictions.
And now the Lord was slow to hear their cry because of their iniquities; nevertheless the Lord did hear their cries, and began to soften the hearts of the Lamanites that they began to ease their burdens; yet the Lord did not see fit to deliver them out of bondage.
Mosiah 21:14-15
I love these verses because it is a great example that the Lord will always hear our cries always and will always answer them but according to his timing and his will and also our faith.
I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and he is interested in each of our lives he loves us and he knows us and we will strengthen us through all things if we will turn to him, humble ourselves, and ask. This day is beautiful and the earth that we live on! I love my savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives and is my way, my hope, and my salvation. This work would never be possible without God fully involved, and i am so grateful for the so many blessing near me around me in me by me and floating around me everyday if i could only see them all.
Love Love Love,
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 9

Hola! This week was super cool and full of miracles and mercies from the Lord. So one day this week I bought candles and a lighter earlier in the day because I thought I would use them for an object lesson sometime. Then throughout the day we saw paper cups (another object lesson to teach the restoration) just randomly on the streets then we also saw matches a lighter in different places, each time we all noticed and said something about it but never connected anything then when we were getting out of the car to go to a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ there was another lighter right outside our car door and then we thought finally that maybe we should use the candles and teach the restoration instead of the gospel, and when we went in we asked some questions and it was clear that they needed to hear the restoration again, so that was pretty cool and the lesson was awesome and the spirit was super strong.
 Also the other coolest thing was when we met a lady the week before and she was very interested and wanted to learn about eternal families and the plan and it was really cool, then we made the return appointment but when we went back she wasn't there. Then when we tried back later the husband answer and was very clear that they were catholic and they were not interested. This was super sad because we knew that the lady wanted to hear more but we couldn't really go back out of respect for the husband. Then we were visiting someone else who lived by there she came home and pulled up right as we were walking by and she said hi to us and called us over and set up the appointment with us so it was super cool. Then we got in our car and were getting ready to drive away when her husband pulled up right as we were leaving and that was pretty cool. 
We have an investigator and she knows that it is true and she wants to get baptized but the problem is that her husband is a member but he is in jail for illegal immigration, and she and her husband wanted to wait until he got out so that he can be at her baptism. Then after that we found out that they were not married either, so there were a whole lot of things that needed to be worked out and we didn't know what was going to happen with the husband, and so we were worried that she was maybe never going to be able to be baptized. Then her husband got out of jail miraculously and they are giving him 72 hours to not be caught and if he isn't then he can stay (no idea how that all works out) but it is super crazy and intense. So we are having a wedding and a baptism all in that one day like back to back and it is so crazy but she is so excited and it is pretty cool to see everything work out after it seemed like it never would. 
Yesterday we also taught the funniest lesson ever. So many funny things happen everyday but we were teaching two teenagers about prayer, and we were having them read the scriptures and one of them was too shy to have us watch him read and he also said his voice sounded like a girl so he went into the bushes to read and it was pretty funny that the scriptures were being read aloud from behind a bush so you cant see anyone but only hear them coming out and for all the people walking by it was a little funny, but maybe you had to be there, but there were many great adventures this week and even a couple door slams, but there were so many great times and really cool lessons. It is always so funny to me when people will remind us of the appointments we have with them, as if they are afraid that we will forget. They have no idea that we think about them all the time, plan for them, pray for them, and there names and all there concerns and needs are written on our board and they are pretty much our whole life and they dont even know about it and me and my hermanas always laugh about how creepy we actually are and the people we have met once are so surprised when we remember their names and everything but we actually remember every person we talk to and we talk about them after so we would just never really forget. Plus we just love them all everyone! I love being a missionary and you really do just have that love for every person that you meet and it is pretty incredible!
We have this one apartment complex called Maple Valley and every time that we go here to teach someone we find at least one more investigator. It is the hispanic cool hang out I guess, and they are all friends so when we find one we will meet all there friends and none of them are members and they are all interested and now i think getting the missionary discussions has become the new cool thing or something but it is so awesome and this week has been a fresh week of finding and we found so many awesome people who are super cool and very interested!
One of these golden investigators was so prepared and awesome and wanted to learn more every single day and he wanted to come to church and come to the baptism and everything and he is so great but the saddest thing is that we found out that we were teaching him at his brothers house and he actually lives just barely out of our area so we had to give him away to the other missionaries, so it is sad that we can't teach him but it is still great that he is finding the truth, making changes, and is so happy. 
The other sisters had a baptism last week and it was so amazing, the girl was 15 and she is so awesome and so cute the baptism was super special and really cool a lot of investigators attended also and it was great. Me and my hermana gave a talk and our other hermana sang and it was pretty cool.
I was just reading in 2 Nephi 22 and this is a super great chapter I love it and it is so short that you can even just memorize it. 
My favorite parts are when it says
 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the lord Jehova is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Sing unto the Lord for he hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth. 
Christ is also my strength, my song, and my salvation, my joy and my everything. Because of the atonement of Jesus Christ and because of the real power and strength we can receive through it. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives, and I want everyone to know it! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that it has been restored to the earth once again in all the fullness and that we have a living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. This week I am feeling very blessed and grateful and I really just want to sing praise in every moment.
Con amor,
Hermana Egan