For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 56

We are so excited for everything coming up! Missionary work is so exciting! 
Everything is ready for Carolina's baptism on Saturday! We are so excited for her! We had an amazing lesson with her and her mom. Her mom is a recent convert and is so happy for her daughter who has finally made this decision. We were talking in the lesson about how God answers our prayers and we were showing Carolina all the ways that god has blessed her and answered her prayers when her mom shared the most powerful testimony. We were all almost crying she told how you prayed every night that God would soften Carolina's heart and that she would come to church and want to be baptized and how she knows that God has finally answered her prayer. We have another lesson with them tomorrow at the bishops house and we are so excited! 
Tonight we are doing an MTC for the members of the ward to help them to feel better prepared missionaries and to be more engaged in the work this is the second one that we have done and the first one was a success every one was having fun and learning a lot and we had the members doing role plays and everything. It is a great way to work with the members and gain their trust. We are planning on doing it once a week every Tuesday night. 
I love being a missionary! 
God loves us and is involved in our lives. He wants to bless us. We need to have faith and act upon it sacrificing and we will see miracles. I know this is true and it makes me so happy. 
Hermana Egan 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 55

Many miracles this week! Heavenly Father is blessing us! This sunday we arrive at church 15 minutes before it starts and we see Carolina's mom but not Carolina. I was so sad we went and talked to her mom and she told us that she didn't get out of bed and that she wasn't coming. We decided to leave to go to her house and go get her. When we ring the doorbell she opened right up all ready for church and said oh yeah of course i am going i was just about to leave! we were so happy! and she was wearing the dress we gave her because she told us she has nothing to wear. Not only did she come to church but she brought a non member friend with her and that night we had a lesson with both of them and Carolina is so excited for her baptism and the friend is coming too! We finally made contact with a golden referral that we received from 2 different people but could never find them home and we have a lesson tomorrow and she is interested and wants to learn more so we are so excited! We had another first lesson last night and invited Edwardo to be baptized and he knows that he needs to and he is now preparing! Heavenly Father has been blessing us with more people to teach and they are coming from no where! I am so grateful! This week has been great! and I am so excited for this transfer! I know that God loves us. He loves us with a perfect love that never changes.
Hermana Egan
oh and humberto the recent convert who we went to the temple with has been going out with the missionaries and sharing his testimony with everyone and now he is going to baptized someone on saturday because they ask that he is the one to baptize them! ahhhh we were so happy and excited!!!!!!! he is the best and there every sunday super early and same with johnny and he is still planning and preparing to serve a mission! yay for super awesome recent converts!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 54

WE ARE BOTH STAYING AND WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! We thought one of us would leave because we have been together for 3 months but why not make it 5! YAY! I love it here in the south it is so fun and there are a lot of hispanics! I love a new transfer a fresh and new start with renewed obedience and diligence. I love goal setting, repenting, and changing! I love our mission president! He gave a very powerful testimony about change and repentance at the leadership meeting yesterday. One thing that he said that I love was if you have a reputation for something, change it! We preach this every day but it was what we all need to hear. We can change with Christ. He gives us strength and I know that is true because He has strengthened me. Here is Humberto at the temple! I don't have the picture with us and the fellow shippers because my camera wasn't working but here he is! It was a great day to be able to go to the temple and for his first time after his baptism! I love the temple and I know that it is the house of the Lord. We are so close to God there and can feel His spirit. 
It is another great day in the Utah Ogden Mission!
Hermana Egan

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 53

On sunday our past investigator randomly showed up to church smiling so big in her hot pink dress! I was so shocked and so happy. for those of you that don't know the the first half hour of church your heart is pumped so hard and you are waiting anxiously and nervously to see if all of the people you are teaching are really going to show up or not. and its that long at least in the hispanic wards because they are always late. but anyways when she came in i wanted to cry we were teaching her a month ago and i love her so much. She wants to change her life and she reads the scriptures and prays every night and she told us it always makes her feel good. but the thing holding her back from baptism was going to church it was really hard for her for a few reasons so we ended up dropping her because she wasn't coming. but she told us when she was in church that we need to start coming again to teach her. and we had a lesson that sunday night with her and she is willing and ready now to change and sacrifice all of her fears. She says that she wants to come to church every sunday and she has the baptismal date for the 28th of June now! She is so excited we made her a paper that says the 28th and she has it on her mirror to remind her of the promise she is going to make with Jesus Christ and to reminds her to read and pray. I love her so much and transfers are next week. If I leave here I will be so sad not to be there and I love it here so much! I want to stay forever! I love Hermana Vergara too and I hope we stay together but it has been 3 months so who knows. I can testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses our lives. No matter what we have to sacrifice and change to follow Jesus Christ we will be happier with the blessings that He has for us rather than the things that we think will make us happy. He knows us better. There is true happiness in righteousness and obedience to God's commandments. Pray for an opportunity to serve someone today then look for it, act and serve! You will be even happier! 
Hermana Egan