For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 20

Lorena's Baptism

Hiking on P - Day

Hello and yet another incredible week we have seen the blessings of the lord! news for this week is.... well mostly i am so grateful. today especially my heart is filled with gratitude. my stomach is light and i cannot stop smiling. I love the Lord. and I love this earth he has given us. We went hiking this morning again and it was so beautiful. The lord has blessed us this transfer one after another we cannot even believe it the miracles that have happened and the hearts that have happened. the changes that we have seen in people this week is amazing, and it is all the lord's doing and his work. lorenas baptism was beautiful and the spirit was so strong i am so happy for her she is amazing i cannot wait to go to the temple with her! also there are four other people who we are teaching who have baptismal dates for the next three weeks. i am so happy for them. and i have learned so much from each of them. something that me and hermana gaines have started to do is to have prayers of gratitude where we dont ask for anything but only thank the lord for what is happening and it has been incredible. I love hermana gaines so much we never stop going and she gives every single thing and time to the lord she is amazing and is such an example to me to be better each day. She is always giving and always serving and such an example of our savior. this transfer is flying by i cannot believe it has already been two weeks i feel that it has just started although so much has happened but there is so much more to do. it is just like elder edward dube said in conference, dont look back at what we have already done but look at what we still have to do. and this is how i feel each day. after miracles happen it is easy to say wow look what happened we did good today we can slow down and take it easy but we didnt do anything that was the lord and he has much more in store for us even in that day. I love my savior and I love my Heavenly Father. Also i want to invite you if you have a patriarchal blessing to read it now. and pray to understand what you need at this moment. We have had powerful experiences this week and I know that our blessings are a letter from our Heavenly Father to us. The power of the holy ghost is amazing and has power to do miracles and soften hearts and change our natures. Heavenly father has a plan for us and for each of us. I love what President Monson said in the relief society broadcast, so simple, "remember prayer", i know that i forgot the real power of prayer and how important is it to keep our faith enough to reach our potential. LOVE LOVE LOVE HERMANA EGAN 

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