For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 13

hi hi hi!!! this is the start of the second transfer and in a couple days i will have been out for almost 3 months i really feel that i have just gotten here so that is kind of starting to weird me out and make me sad that the time is flying so fast but just live every moment and it is so great! so hermana rickett has left us which was very very sad but she is needed elsewhere and that is okay and  i was very happy that hermana mejia was staying because we are best friends and i love her so much. our new companion and my new trainer is hermana gaines. which is so great because she is the best person ever and it is also really funny because when i was in the mtc one of my teachers told me that someone named hermana gaines was going to be my trainer and i of course never heard of her or anyone in the mission and he said she was in the mission and was one of his friends from byu and that she is exactly like me and that she will def be my trainer then when i got to the mission home she was the first missionary that i met so that was so weird and i was really thinking she was going to be but then of course she wasn't my trainer and hermana rickett was so when ever i found out that hermana gaines was going to be my trainer for this transfer it was pretty weird but so awesome! now i need to email my mtc teacher and let him know he was right! but the point is that i love her so much! and i suppose it is destiny that we are companions hahaha. but really she is the best person ever and i am learning so much from her, she is a powerful missionary and a great example! i am so excited for this transfer! me and my hermanas are having so much fun and we have lots of great people and families we are teaching! This week I am most grateful for the scriptures, and specifically the book of mormon. I have been having super powerful experiences and actually every time that i do read it, it is exactly relevant to my day like crazy amounts. yesterday it was almost word for word a conversation i had, and it was very cool. so for example yesterday we were talking to a young man who was an atheist and we was very smart and nice and great to talk to, but of course when you talk to people like that they challenge you, and that is why i truly love talking to atheists and people who will challenge me because that is one time when my testimony is always strengthened. There have been many times so far when someone just picks you apart and these have been some of the experiences when i have felt the holy ghost the most powerfully testify to me of the truth. and then when i got home last night i read in extra time before bed and it was about the anti christ korihor in alma 30 and the conversation was almost word for word and it was super cool for me and i felt the holy ghost testify to me for the second time that day of our heavenly father and his power and love. and in the book of mormon i was able to see what alma such a great missionary said and then learn how to become a little better everyday and it was pretty cool. i was thinking if only i read this in the morning before but i guess i need to try on my own first and then we get the help but either way i have such a strong testimony of the book of mormon. I know it is God's words to us and that we can receive personal revelation and answers to our prayers. There have been so many times when we have shared the scripture that those people needed at that moment and sometimes the same scripture to different people but the holy ghost still speaks to them and will give them what they need we just have to follow the promptings. I know it is a gift from God and i am so grateful to have this guidance and knowledge as well as the guidance form the living prophet thomas s. monson. we are already getting so excited for general conference! I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I live because of him, I will live because of him, We can change anything through him and we can overcome anything. Through the atonement our natures can be changed and we can become more like Christ. This week I have had an opportunity to really learn what the atonement is and means and i am still learning this now and probably will be forever, but i am incredibly grateful and so full of joy that there is no room for anything else!!!! 
the scripture for this moment is Alma 26:22. 
con muchisimo amor, 
Hermana Egan

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