For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 24

Maria's Baptism (Lorena's grandma)

we had transfers today AND ME AND HERMANA GAINES ARE BOTH STAYING IN LOGAN WE ARE SO HAPPY! i hope i never leave this place i love it so much! and we are so happy we get to stay together because hermana gaines is the best missionary ever i love her so much! this week was amazing! maria, lorenas grandma was baptized on saturday and it was so amazing! i love her and their whole family so much! Elder Clark came and talked with us on wednesday it was incredible and very powerful, he gave us many slaps to the face! it was awesome! i loved him so much! after the training with elder clark our mission has made many more changes that are above and more strict than general mission standards but we are very excited about it all! i am so excited for this transfer! yesterday we had such a miracle! we usually have about 3 family home evenings with different families on monday night and they all went very well but the last one was so amazing our ward mission leader came with us and this is a family we have been teaching for a very long time but they are not married, and before they always have just told us that they didnt want to get married, and then hermano morales was very bold but the spirit was so strong and he told them that they were living in adultery and that they need to be married. i normally wouldn't tell someone that they are commiting adultery but he did it because he loves them and the spirit was so strong it was amazing and then after we found out the real reasons and she is still married to someone else in mexico and she cant speak english and cant fill out the papers but they want to be married and we are going to help them with everything and with the papers or court or everything we are so excited for them! this is their first step to having an eternal family! i love this family so much! we have been visiting them my entire mission so far and we have almost dropped them many times because they were not progressing but never did for some reason. also i love their daughters! they have three and the youngest ones and 3 and 5 and they do our hair every time we teach and it is very cute and very painful but i love them so much! and their oldest daughter is 11 and she is amazing she is the reason why they go to church because she begs to go and she is always so anxious to learn more last night she was begging her parents that they can all be baptized and she wants them to get married also so that they can go to the temple one day! it was so incredible! the members are really great here too! they are my best friends! after we finish emailing we are going to go to the stake presidents house of one of the english stakes he is amazing and paints a lot of the art in the temples he has a huge library and he basically just teaches us when we go over and its the greatest thing ever! he has so much knowledge it is really incredible! and speaking of knowledge! i love this quote! "knowledge without labor is profitless. knowledge with labor is genius." also if you are reading this you need to go to your church leaders and get the list of members and ask which are the less actives or inactives in your ward and go visit them and love them! we have seen miracles from this! 
Yo se que JesuCristo vive y es el solo camino a felicidad verdadero! si guardamos los mandamientos del senor estaremos feliz y el bendicira nosotros! No hay otra manera sino mediante nuestro Salvador JesuCristo y su evangelio de paz esperanza y gozo!
Hermana Egan

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