For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 32

My new companion - Hermana Tolman

WE ARE HAVING A BODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(wedding) ohhhh i have never been so happy after a lesson we felt like we were floating around on our bikes so happily! one of the less actives we visit, and one of our best friends, who really isnt all that less active anymore, really pretty much active! :D, had her baby at 3 in the morning on new years day!!!!!!!!!! it was the first born baby in all of cache valley for 2014 so they won a bunch of diapers or something i think! Her boyfriend is a non member and we had had one lesson with him before, Floriberto, and he is so prepared to hear the gospel it is amazing! after our first lesson he told us that he wants to change his life and he is ready to do it! so we went to go to the hospital to visit stephanie after she had her baby and flori was there too! we were just going to give her a gift and visit her but we ended up teaching the plan of salvation!!!!!! I have never taught the plan of salvation as amazing and spiritual as this. There was their hour old baby laying next to us who had just left her father in heaven to come down to earth! Flori was so open and eager to learn and the whole time he kept saying "wow i never knew this before" we told him that he needs to get baptized to live with his father in heaven again and that we are here to help him. his response was "lets do it!" now if only everyone said this... but it was sooo amazing!!!!!!! we also told them that they must be living all the commandments before he gets baptized and that they must be living the law of chastity and they must get married. they said that they know that they need to be married but they just never got around to doing it! we told them we can help!!!!!! and we are having the boda in two weeks!!!!!! and flori is going to be baptized the week after!!!!!!!! the whole branch is so excited for them!!!!!! they also want to be married in the temple and they know that that is their goal to be married for eternity so that they can be together after this life!  THEEENNN... yesterday we taught rigoberto, (it is all about the bertos) and he and his girlfriend are in the exact same situation and they want to be married and rigo wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!! we were wondering what in the world is happening and where all the miracles are coming from but everyone knows that the church is true and everyone wants to be baptized!!!!!!!! so incredible!!!!!!!! and rigo wants to be married in the temple and be sealed and he didnt know that he needs to be married first then baptized then married in the temple hahaha but we are here to help him and we know he can do it!!!!!!!!!! we have found so many new hispanics to teach lately!!!!! we dont even know where they all come from but we meet so many new people every day it is so fun!!!! the sad thing is when their are controlling husbands that has happened a lot lately when the wife knows it is true and wants to be baptized but she cant because her husband wont let her join the church so sad. but we found this other golden person named santos and we taught the restoration! i think i have taught the restoration more this transfer then i have my whole mission!!!!! we made the goal when we started to find new investigators and talk to every person we ever see and the lord has definitely blessed us with success!!!!!!!!!!! the hard part is narrowing it down to the those who are really ready for the gospel right now! and knowing who we must focus on! and oh my goodness yesterday was the most incredible lesson with another new family we had met the daughter before but never the mom! the daughter is so cute i love her so much and she kept saying i look so familiar but i dont think i know her! but i love them! yesterday we brought one of our recent converts to the lesson and oh my goodness there is no secret to missionary work but if there was it would be to bring a recent convert to every lesson! she was so amazing! and said all the right things and the exact things we were going to teach but she didnt even know what we were going to do it was incredible! they are already best friends!!!!!!! and by the end of the lesson she was asking us for a book of mormon instead of us giving it to her!! when the missionaries say something the investigator always says "but i have a question" and then when the member says something the investigator is always like "ohhh yeah i see what youre saying" IT IS AMAZING! ME ENCANTA LOS MIEMBROS!!!!!!!(i love the members) if you are a member go to all the lessons with the missionaries and share your testimony and help these people because they need you and if you are not a member then what are you waiting for you need to talk to the missionaries pronto! 

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