For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week 64

Me encanta la misión Utah Ogden. Es la mejor misión de todos! 
Our president announced this week that our mission is going to do a program for the radio! We are so excited we are going to be trained for it next week! I am so grateful to serve here in this mission because we have had so many opportunities with facebook, iPads, the temple open house, and now he radio oh and we are getting smart phones in a two months! :o it is crazy to have so much but I know that it is hastening the work and it is so cool to be a part of it. 
Yesterday when we were walking down the street a man called out to us from his porch "are you both speaking Spanish?" And he asked me "what is your culture?" He is from El Salvador and he was so surprised that he saw a Hispanic girl and a white girl walking down the street talking Spanish so fast back and forth. He was amazed that I understood and he was so impressed. And after we invited him to church and the open house and he says he wants to come! It made me feel so good and it reminded me how much God has helped me and I remembered a year ago when I could understand a word. Living with the Fonseca and Hermana Maldonado has helped me so much I love it! I love having a native companion. I am sad because president already told me that Hermana Maldonado will be leaving and we only had one transfer together. But I know that she will be needed somewhere else. Change is good I have found out. 
Everyone in the temple asks me where I am from because they say I have an accent and they are all surprised when I say Pennsylvania haha. Many blessings are coming for the temple open house! It is so pretty I love this temple! Yesterday while me and Hermana Maldonado were walking down the streets some kids on bikes stopped us and asked are you the missionaries? The Mormon missionaries? I went to the temple with my friend and I loved it and I want to be baptized! Many blessings are coming from the temple. We are excited to teach their family! 
Recuerde el poder de la oración. 
Hermana Egan 

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