For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 36

TRANSFERS: I need to pack for the first time in my whole mission for 8 months. I am going to miss this house and this area and all the people in it who I have known for so long so much. BUT THE AMAZING THING IS I AM STILL STAYING IN THE BUENA VISTA BRANCH!!!!!!!!!! I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I am going to where Hermana Gaines was and she is leaving! I will miss her so much but hermana tolman is staying in our area! which is a great thing because if there is anyone that i trust it is her to care for our people and bring them to the gospel and to church where i can still see all of them! No one saw this coming. The other crazy thing is that I am getting another companion from ogden, Hermana Arnell. so we are white washing the area (two new missionaries in an area) so that is always hard because i dont know any of the people there but we do have an advantage because i know all of the members in the branch and they can all still come with us everyday so that is excellent!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY TO STAY IN THE BRANCH! and I already know hermana arnell and i am so excited to be companions with her! she came out at the same time as me! and i already love her! and hermana tolman will still be in the branch and we can still be with all the recent converts and take care of everyone! yay! we are so happy! I am so excited for a fresh start and for the first move I have ever had! ahhhh!!!!!!! so exciting! and we will be living with a member know but we already know her from the other sisters and we love her! we have a car in the new area but as long as hermana arnell is okay with it i think we will give it to the elders but we will see!!! 

okay i am reading the book Jesus the Christ right now. It is so amazing. Everything that I read in Christ's life applies to ours! it is amazing how that is true with the scriptures it really is! I will tell one story but this has happened so much! okay we were on our way biking to a dinner and hermana tolman goes down. i just hear it and see her slide completely twisted and down on the road under her bike. miraculously she was fine. but you can see the fender damage in the picture. so we tried to brake it off because she cant keep riding with it like that but we need a screwdriver. we are already going to be late and then for all of our appointments that night. a car drives by us and then another one. I say to hermana tolman wow this is just as the good samaritan we just need to wait for the good one. literally as i said this the third car pulls over. super weird y great! he asks what we are doing out here. we told him we are missionaries!!! and asked if he has ever talked to missionaries before! it turns out he has! he also has the screwdriver and is fixing the bike as we are talking...great! it turns out he is catholic which is hilarious because we joked that it was the two mormons who drove by us first without stopping. he said the missionaries used to come a long time ago but he would always send them away because he was too busy but he says he feels bad and he hopes that wasnt rude because now he thinks he is more ready to learn and he said that he is actually really interested in our religion and the church! miracle! so we got his address and turns out he is in the north part of the branch so we gave the referral to the north sisters hermana gaines y allen and they have visited him once but now i am going up north and can teach him! i am very excited! so many things had to happen for us to meet him it was such a miracle!!!!!!! I am so grateful for this last transfer I had with hermana tolman I know that we have done good work here and that we have done a lot of sowing seeds. I feel great and there were so many miracles and blessings! and I am excited for a new start tomorrow with sister arnell!!! 

God is merciful. Every experience that happens to us is because of his mercy. Our trials our to save us. My weaknesses are to make me humble. My hard times and problems are to help me apply the gospel of Jesus Christ and become closer to my father in Heaven. My sins so i can learn repentance. When we do not understand everything in the scriptures it is because of the mercy God has for us so that we will be accountable for what we are ready to learn. I love God's perfect plan for us. I have given my life to Him. I have complete faith and trust in Him. I am so grateful for his endless mercy and forgiveness. I love repentance and I love when I can recognize my sins so that I can begin to overcome them. It is such a blessing. I love the commandments and I am so grateful for the way to joy and happiness that God has clearly and plainly given freely to us. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the son of the only true and living God. I testify of Him in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 
Love, Hermana Egan 

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