For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 3

Hola Mi Familia y Mi Amigos!
The time here is going by so fast! This is our half way mark at the MTC and i cannot believe it! I have learned so much here and this is an incredible place, but I am so excited to leave and to go out and teach the people in Ogden! I also know that I have much more to learn and I am very grateful for my time here in the MTC. I love my teachers so much and all my district. Everyone here just wants to help me and is so great and nice! Yesterday in sacrament meeting I had an interesting experience. Every sunday all of the missionaries are asked to prepare a talk and then the missionaries that speak are randomly called at the pulpit right before you speak. It is usually the last week missionaries getting ready to leave that get called so i definitely was not expecting it and this was the week the i prepared the least and i only had a few thoughts written down. (the whole meeting is in spanish of course) and so i got called up and was not expecting it at all. I just went with it and said all i could and i could do it and it was great! everyone said it was great but everyone was laughing at sometimes and i didn't know why until i found out later that when i thought i said that the holy ghost and the spirit was like playing a baseball game with God instead i said it was like a firery baseball with God. woops. i think everyone got the idea though. i was trying to explain that he is just tossing us the balls really easy like we are the little child learning to play and we keep missing the balls and he always loves us and keeps throwing them, promptings all the time but we cant always receive them but the more we practice the more we will learn the spirit and be more able to receive the promptings and the personal revelations. In the lessons we teach it is even worse there are so many words that if you change one word it means something completely bizzarre so that has been really fun. I love teaching and I love the investigators we have here so much! I am always so happy about we finish a lesson and then we all go back to our district after and everyone tells how it was and everything and it is so fun and the spirit is so strong! It is just really great here and I love being a missionary! The spanish is really coming along even if I mess up a lot. It is so fun and I love it! I am even starting to think in spanish and as I write this email i think of some of it in spanish and then have to translate it to english! so thats is really great! I have learned a lot this week about love and about Christ. I know that Christ lives. Everyone needs to know this. I know that we are on this earth because it is part of God's plan of happiness and salvation for us. I know that me and you and everyone are all God's children and that we lived with Him before this life. He knows me and you personally, loves us, and blesses us everyday. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can return to live with our father in heaven. Through Christ we can become clean and perfect. We can recieve strength through the atonement to do all things in this life. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth again today and we are lead by a living prophet of God. I am so grateful for this incredible truth. It blesses me in everything I do and brings me infinite happniess. Everyone needs to know this. And so I am so excited to go out and share with anyone who is looking for this truth and purpose in life. God is there and wants to hear from us. He wants to help us and he wants all the good things and only good things for us. I love this gospel and I know these things are true with my whole soul. It is a beautiful earth we live on, and this is a great life we live.
Love, Hermana Egan

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