For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
ISAIAH 55:12

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 9

Hola! This week was super cool and full of miracles and mercies from the Lord. So one day this week I bought candles and a lighter earlier in the day because I thought I would use them for an object lesson sometime. Then throughout the day we saw paper cups (another object lesson to teach the restoration) just randomly on the streets then we also saw matches a lighter in different places, each time we all noticed and said something about it but never connected anything then when we were getting out of the car to go to a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ there was another lighter right outside our car door and then we thought finally that maybe we should use the candles and teach the restoration instead of the gospel, and when we went in we asked some questions and it was clear that they needed to hear the restoration again, so that was pretty cool and the lesson was awesome and the spirit was super strong.
 Also the other coolest thing was when we met a lady the week before and she was very interested and wanted to learn about eternal families and the plan and it was really cool, then we made the return appointment but when we went back she wasn't there. Then when we tried back later the husband answer and was very clear that they were catholic and they were not interested. This was super sad because we knew that the lady wanted to hear more but we couldn't really go back out of respect for the husband. Then we were visiting someone else who lived by there she came home and pulled up right as we were walking by and she said hi to us and called us over and set up the appointment with us so it was super cool. Then we got in our car and were getting ready to drive away when her husband pulled up right as we were leaving and that was pretty cool. 
We have an investigator and she knows that it is true and she wants to get baptized but the problem is that her husband is a member but he is in jail for illegal immigration, and she and her husband wanted to wait until he got out so that he can be at her baptism. Then after that we found out that they were not married either, so there were a whole lot of things that needed to be worked out and we didn't know what was going to happen with the husband, and so we were worried that she was maybe never going to be able to be baptized. Then her husband got out of jail miraculously and they are giving him 72 hours to not be caught and if he isn't then he can stay (no idea how that all works out) but it is super crazy and intense. So we are having a wedding and a baptism all in that one day like back to back and it is so crazy but she is so excited and it is pretty cool to see everything work out after it seemed like it never would. 
Yesterday we also taught the funniest lesson ever. So many funny things happen everyday but we were teaching two teenagers about prayer, and we were having them read the scriptures and one of them was too shy to have us watch him read and he also said his voice sounded like a girl so he went into the bushes to read and it was pretty funny that the scriptures were being read aloud from behind a bush so you cant see anyone but only hear them coming out and for all the people walking by it was a little funny, but maybe you had to be there, but there were many great adventures this week and even a couple door slams, but there were so many great times and really cool lessons. It is always so funny to me when people will remind us of the appointments we have with them, as if they are afraid that we will forget. They have no idea that we think about them all the time, plan for them, pray for them, and there names and all there concerns and needs are written on our board and they are pretty much our whole life and they dont even know about it and me and my hermanas always laugh about how creepy we actually are and the people we have met once are so surprised when we remember their names and everything but we actually remember every person we talk to and we talk about them after so we would just never really forget. Plus we just love them all everyone! I love being a missionary and you really do just have that love for every person that you meet and it is pretty incredible!
We have this one apartment complex called Maple Valley and every time that we go here to teach someone we find at least one more investigator. It is the hispanic cool hang out I guess, and they are all friends so when we find one we will meet all there friends and none of them are members and they are all interested and now i think getting the missionary discussions has become the new cool thing or something but it is so awesome and this week has been a fresh week of finding and we found so many awesome people who are super cool and very interested!
One of these golden investigators was so prepared and awesome and wanted to learn more every single day and he wanted to come to church and come to the baptism and everything and he is so great but the saddest thing is that we found out that we were teaching him at his brothers house and he actually lives just barely out of our area so we had to give him away to the other missionaries, so it is sad that we can't teach him but it is still great that he is finding the truth, making changes, and is so happy. 
The other sisters had a baptism last week and it was so amazing, the girl was 15 and she is so awesome and so cute the baptism was super special and really cool a lot of investigators attended also and it was great. Me and my hermana gave a talk and our other hermana sang and it was pretty cool.
I was just reading in 2 Nephi 22 and this is a super great chapter I love it and it is so short that you can even just memorize it. 
My favorite parts are when it says
 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the lord Jehova is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Sing unto the Lord for he hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth. 
Christ is also my strength, my song, and my salvation, my joy and my everything. Because of the atonement of Jesus Christ and because of the real power and strength we can receive through it. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I know that he lives, and I want everyone to know it! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that it has been restored to the earth once again in all the fullness and that we have a living prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. This week I am feeling very blessed and grateful and I really just want to sing praise in every moment.
Con amor,
Hermana Egan

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